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  1. Hi all
    I was just wondering if anyone has any experiance with this make of brushes.
    They seem quite cheap (or is that a warning in itself?)

  2. Wondering that myself. Some of their stuff is quite eye-catching, and they do an interesting horse hair shaving brush.
    Their sales pitch is a bit off-putting. "Haryali london is now Europe's famous manufacturer of finest hand made shaving equipment." What?
  3. Yes that line is why I asked, seems a little boastful to say the least
  4. Well if they are Europe's famous brush maker, they seem to have passed me by! Never heard of them.

  5. Well, their famous razors are made overseas, so I'm betting their brushes are too.
  6. Hmmn... I'd stick to the tested and respected brands. As for the Europe's Famous Manufacturer - I'd think Omega may have something to say... At least here in Canada there's an Omega brush in almost every Shoppers Drug Mart that dot the landscape...
  7. Don't let Hary hear you talking that smack. Ali neither. They'll go Milli Vanilli on your arse.
  8. what's the website?
  9. Found them on eBay. There being sold as part of a set with a Parker DE.
    I though Parker were ok razors so just wondering about the rest of the set.
    Just didn't want to link a live auction on here
  10. As the saying goes "If its to good to be true......." Id be extra careful ! Enjoy Your Shave !
  11. Wise words indeed lol
  12. I regret not grabbing the horse hair brushes when they were being sold.
    The photo didn't seem to match the specs (handle 6cm, hair 5.5cm), but for a tenner all in it was probably worth a try.
    If nothing else, it's different.

  13. Well, I took a chance and ordered a silvertip badger brush and a 3 piece DE razor. The brush alone is worth the price I paid. I received the package yesterday and used both items for this morning's shave. The brush shed two hairs, which I find pretty good for the first day, and it is silky soft and makes a ton of thick, rich lather with my AOS Lavender soap.

    Neither item has any markings so I am not sure if the razor is a Parker or if they actually make razors too. The razor is not my favorite as I did have some irritation in the most sensitive areas of my face after shaving, but nothing serious. I think my Merkur Barberpole is better and will stay as my 'go-to' razor. I also like the 2-piece setup better than the 3-piece. So I am very satisfied with my purchase, I got a superb brush and a decent razor for about $90 US.

  14. After a few shaves with the Haryali razor and some close observation of the head I can say that I don't particularly like it, but it can give a decent shave. The problem I find is that the blade is not aligned with the bar, it is pointed higher. So you have to use a very shallow angle to get it to work right and not irritate your skin. I have looked at pictures in the internet and it seems to me that the head is a Parker, it looks exactly like the one on the 98R.

    I am still very happy with the brush, though.

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