Harris Almond and TOBS lavender

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  1. Ok guys, never have used hard soaps (or any soap for that matter) before so took a leap and got some TOBS lavender and Harris Almond on the way. BTW the TOBS lavender was $8.31 on Amazon. Hopefully the soaps live up to the hype. I have a brand new Colonel x2l waiting to see how they work!! Any suggestions on which to try first or technique is always appreciated.

  2. I had the TOBS lavender...my best lather results came from the following:
    1) putting some warm/hot water on the puck for a few minutes, usually while I showered before shaving (dumping off of the puck before loading)
    2) loading with a brush whereby a good bit of the excess water was shaken out (and adding water slowly during the lather building.

    Good luck!
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    They are two good products- I recently finished a puck of TOBS Lavender and I have a puck of Harris Almond in the cabinet waiting for me. You will find a huge amount of collected wisdom on soaps in these threads.
  4. Got a good deal on that soap at the very least.
  5. Harris Almond has a nice light scent. I'll be posting about the stick version in a few days.

    I don't know about the newer TOBS Lavender soap, but the old stuff was/is very good, certainly one of my top soaps. TOBS products in general are usually good performers.
  6. I have and use both , they are both great.. Basically anything from DR Harris or TOBS is great.

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