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  1. I could not understand why so many people hated Williams Mug Shaving Soap. I know now, I headed out on a week business trip with my trusty williams converted to a shave stick. Some of the hardest water I have shaved with. The lather disapeared in seconds. I just used more and shaved with the slime for 3 days till I got close to a bath and body works to grab a tube of C. O. Bigelow. It was ok, not wonderful, with the hard water.

    I want to keep a stick of shaving soap when I travel. What soaps work well with hard water for you guys?
  2. i have not used them with hard water, but i think the classics like Arko, La Toja, and Palmolive. Good luck with the next trip.
  3. Tabac Shave Stick, this soap lathers easily with any type of water.
  4. I suspect Arko or GZD would lather with hard water as they are easy lathering anyway. Tabac would also be a decent choice. All come in stick form and Arko/GZD will easily conform to whatever stick container you press it into (they come as a stick but without a container they are too soft to use in that form). Tabac comes in a stick container as well as the more famous puck.
  5. Most soaps containing tetrasodium EDTA will do ok with hard water.
  6. Palmolive, Tabac, Speick.
  7. Our water is pretty dang hard here and I have never had a problem with Cella.
    I will always have some..ALWAYS~
  8. I've never had problems with any of the soaps that I use with our hard water: MDC, DRH & AOS. Had no problems with Cella either. In many cases you just need to load more.
  9. +1 Palmolive and La Toja are my go to travel soaps.
  10. Buy some bottled water and use it to shave with.

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