Happy 4th of July from the people of Pakistan

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  1. To all our American members, Have a great 4th of July. May you always cherish your independence and celebrate your freedom.
  2. Thank you, sir, for your well wishes on this most special holiday...our celebration of Independence from The British Empire.

    I will always cherish the freedom to speak my mind freely, to keep and bear arms in defense of my liberty and worship my God according to the dictates of my conscience - and to recognize and respect the right of every other American man and woman to do the same.

    The above is just a part and parcel what makes me an American. It is fully explained in The Declaration of Independence and The Bill Of Rights in the U.S. Constitution.

    Again, thank you sir for your greetings.

    May you enjoy a life of freedom, blessings and prosperity.

    Warmest Regards,

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  3. Thank you, my friend. You are such a classy guy. I think a lot of times we Americans take a lot of our liberties for granted while many people all over the world suffer from day to day. I say this as I lie in my big bed getting paid for nothing typing on my internet connected phone. I hope many of us can realize what real problems are and be thankful for those that gave all for us.
  4. Thank you very much my friend !!
  5. +1
  6. To you and yours....Thank you.:001_smile
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    This thread is why I love the internet. Thank you, sir, for your kind wishes. May we all know lasting peace.
  8. :clap:
  9. Thank you very much.

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