Handwriting samples, pics! Let us see yours.

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  1. Well I went back 20 pages on here and didn't see a collective post for peoples handwriting samples. Let's see what you use to get your message across. Fancy business script, palmer method, spencerian, block lettering, print/cursive hybrid, chicken scratch or heiroglyphics.

    Content is irrelevant, but always makes things interesting. Either pictures or scans work. Can be fountain pen or not. $600 Mont blanc or $0.06 bic stic.

    Post as many as you like, but all must be done by you.

  2. I'll post the first one.


    I was a drafter and mechanical designer in a former life. I was the last class in high school to learn drafting with paper and pencil. I developed a block lettering style that was quick, legible, and frankly, pretty boring. After years of this I litterally forgot how to write in cursive! I spent hours a day, every day, going over the Palmer method of writing and practicing. I took maybe 3 months to develop a hand that I was proud of and came easily. This is a good example of my handwriting.

  3. Game over, you win!
  4. Looks great. My handwriting is more comparable to a period of 3rd grade!
  5. Isaac

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    I dunno Xander...you post something like that...and make everyone else shy..haha
  6. Xander, wow, very impressive. i will try to post a picture, soon, but i just got into FPs, three months ago or so and have not practiced much.
  7. please no laughing, I do most my writing electronically.

  8. SuperBleu, nice writing! Neat, legible, good spacing and very personalized. I really like that green, too! That may be a good candidate for my green parker!

    Thanx everyone for the compliments! I will say that just like straight razor shaving, it is a learned skill. I didn't come by this naturally, I worked very hard studying the Palmer Method to improve my writing. I'll see if I cant dig up a before picture. Also, that is not my thoughtlessly taking notes hand, but when I write letters I use this style. I still print, too.

    I'll ink my Parker duofold with gold flex nib and see if I can still write with a flex.

  9. I'll have to look up that Palmer method. My handwriting makes a doctor's look legible. Even my printing is bad. I guess that's what happens when you quit using any hand-held instruments about 10-15 years ago and use a keyboard for everything. I need to get back into writing.
  10. Good point, I found one thing that helps is to try and use my whole arm with the mouse. This is basically what the Palmer Method is about, using your arm to write and the hand to simply hold the instrument.

    Check out PalmerMethod.com for drills and an overview. This is what I used, and a whole stack of cheap notebooks!

  11. Interesting thought on the mouse that way. I never considered doing something like that. I bet it would also help carpal tunnel issue as well.
  12. Okay yeah, I have to look up that Palmer method... and superbleu, you have pretty nice writing.

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  13. Well, I can read my writing at least. Of late, I write in cursive mostly for my own notes and journals, so that's the most important thing. This is a shade of purple, by the way, but it doesn't seem to show that way in the picture. Probably needed a stronger light.

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  14. Mike H

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    Here is one of mine that I had already uploaded.

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  15. Artimid - wow, you must have been efficient when taking notes with such miniscule writing! Your style is apparently finger writing and a verticle pen hold. I think if you tried to open up your inter-letter spacing it would really come to life! But it is very legible, once I can see it!

    Slivovitz - yours looks like mine did after a month of practicing! Mine was no where near that when I started! Thanx for the pic!

    Mike - that's a shame your letter was returned, you have a very expressive style! I really like it, although I think a smaller italic nib might help the postal workers read it! I bet it was a young kid who has never learned to use cursive. Hell, if that's bad, I just received a new razor that I couldn't even make out where it came from! Fortunatly my address was on a printed label so it got to me just fine, but I did have to open it to see what it was to know where it came from.

    Thanx for the pics everyone, let's keep them coming! Especially if your trying to improve your hand, we'd love to see the progress! I am by no means an expert, but I did spend a lot of time with the Palmer method so if anyone has any questions on improving or just changing style I can try to help!

  16. Finger writing for sure, but I tend to hold the pen at about 60 degrees or so. And yes, much to the pain of my professors, I write to save paper when I take dozens of pages of notes. :p I haven't thought about making the spacing bigger to make the cursive more legible, I will certainly give it a shot. You guys all certainly have nice writing.

    Mike, I can read your writing, it is much better than some I know.
  17. Ok, so here is an example of my everyday quick writing. Not my best, hell its on brown roll paper towel from the locker room and written on a table while standing, but represents my hand pretty well.


    "I figured I should show what my normal cursive style is for everyday writing. My favorite warm-up line is -"a minimum of fifty." This uses many of the repetitive strokes to even out X height and ascenders/decenders.

    Zebra F-701 modified
    Fisher space pen refill

  18. [​IMG]
    I dislike my handwriting.
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    I had no trouble whatsoever reading everyone's handwriting, after seeing these examples I am almost too embarrassed to post mine, but here goes.

  20. This thread made me look up the Palmer method. When I have an opportunity, I'm going to try to improve my cursive. I was never good at cursive during school and have not used it in longer than I can remember so it'll be a bumpy road.

    Great thread though with nice handwriting. All of it is very legible and clean looking to me.

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