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  1. We're probably the 33% of men who wash their hands after using the restroom. Anyway, I hope you're washin'.

    New Study

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    That's gross, but I'm not surprised. I, for one, wash my hands every time.
  3. I suspect it's even worse here in Europe. Highly uncivilised IMO. Luckily I am the hygienic type.
  4. Wow that is horrifyingly low... :yikes: And yes I do... always! Or if it isn't possible to wash I have either wipes with me or some sort of alcohol based hand sanitizer that evaporates. Though I am not OCD about it (yet :001_unsur)...
  5. Interesting little fact is that the doorknob/handle going into a public restroom has fewer germs on it than the doorknob/handle going out of a public restroom. The reason? Most people don't wash their hands. What scares me most, is that half of the time, the guy next to me doesn't even try to humor me with at least running his hands under some water. He just zips up, or even worse, exits the stall and then walks out. :eek:
  6. Since this seems to be a place for the free and frank exchange of manly ideas, I will have no inhibitions... So, I'd like to remark that I think it is as, or even more, important to wash hands BEFORE touching sensitive areas, specifically when it comes to urinating. If everything is clean and no spillage/splattering occurred, no washing should be necessary afterwards. Civilized men should be able to urinate without spraying the entire surroundings. However, fact is that most urinals are entirely unsuited for the task at hand. So, my vote goes to washing before and afterwards. Also, where I work, we have a dedicated trash can right next to the door, so that people can open the door using a paper towel and dispose of it properly without having to toss it on the ground.

    Gotta run...

    Best - MM
  7. By the way, the study says that 33% of men do NOT wash their hands, i.e., 77% do wash their hands. Not the other way around. So, it's actually not that bad. Cheers - MM
  8. That's reassuring, at least.

    I used to work with a guy who'd set his coffee mug on the urinal. I'd be in there, minding my own business, eyes straight ahead, I'd hear someone walk in, "klink," as he set his mug down . . .

    . . . shudder . . .

  9. Can someone please post a link to the study?

    Anyway, I do regularly wash my hands but not because I care about cleanliness. I just like the feel of clean hands. Living in a large city makes washing hands seem pointless. I daily touch subway doors, subway handles, hand rails, bus seats, classroom seats, and the bathroom doors of some of the worst toilets seen in the city. These bathroom often don't have toilet paper, towels, soaps, or even a sink. Or, sometimes they have a cloth towel that looks like it served Noah on the ark. In cases like this I skip the hand wash and am willing to take my chances.

    Reading this thread I can't help but be reminded of George Carlin's bit on cleanliness. Can anyone remember what album this was on?
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    +1...I find myself washing before and after especially in public restrooms.

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    Why are so many restroom door 'push' to get in and 'pull' to get out. I'd much prefer them the other way around. That way you wouldn't have to touch a knob or handle to get out. :001_huh:
  12. Sure, but the innocent bystander getting face smashed by a bathroom door probably doesn't feel that way.
  13. http://www.cleaning101.com/newsroom/09-17-07.cfm

    Of course, the study was conducted by The Soap and Detergent Association... in conjunction with the American Society for Microbiology.

    Conspiracy :eek:
  14. Thanks for the link.
  15. I was under the impression that it was down to poorly dried hands.

    One thing to keep in mind is that so long as someone is healthy urine is sterile, sure it may unpleasant; just not germ breeding craziness.

    I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't wash their hands after defecating, or at least I hope I've not met such people, as that's where the health implications can crop up.

    Gross as this may be, I had a microbiology lecturer who advised using urine to wash your hands after defecating, if nothing else was available. Academics can be odd.
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    Yes but I'll have clean hands and will gladly hold the door for them to enter the bathroom and wash the blood off of their face. :001_tongu
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    I don't know about you guys, but I like to wash my hands beforehand.
  18. A true gentleman!
  19. I thought it was just me who threw the towel onto the floor on my way out. The other option is only to use toilets where the doors open out so you can open the door with your foot on the way out. Or just wait for someone else to open the door for you!
  20. There's a guy I work with, who's a germaphobe, who uses his tie to open the doors.

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