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  1. I inherited this watch from my grandparents. It was a gift to my great-grandfather in 1952 - it is inscribed as such on the back. By today’s standards it is very small - see what it looks like on my wrist. The dimensions measure 1” x 3/4” or so.

    I wonder if anyone can tell me anything about it. It needs to be wound each day and does keep good time. Realistically it isn’t very practical for me to wear so mainly it sits in a drawer. Should it be wound on occasion?

    Any feedback or help would be appreciated!



  2. I inherited a very similar watch and was told to wind it at least every six months. I need to bring mine to repair because the last time I wound it I pulled out the crown and stem. Be gentle! I was told it is a good idea to get it appraised.
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    that is really a nice time piece...i would love to have it....you check on ebay and find several very similar...i dont have my book handy or i would look it up....(my local watch buddy moved to alabama for retirement...the nerve of him)...it looks like you have the original band and crystal on it...that is very nice...i know that it is small and many watches today are like hubcaps, however, i get more compliments with my 1963 Hamilton thin-o-matic whan I do with one of my big watches...
  4. That is a beautiful old Hamilton. If you take the back off there may be a name engraved on the inside of the back. You can get a lot more info if you can get the name (if it has one) and the movement number.
    I have several Hamiltons but this is the closest thing I have to yours. Mine is the Fulton.

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  5. I have a very similar watch, only my Grandfather put a really ugly twist-O-Flex on it. It is at my parents house, perhaps I will pick it up when I go for my father's 80th birthday party.

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