Had to sterilize boar brush...

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by sychodelix, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. So, I had one of those stick em to the wall brush holders, hanging up on my bathroom wall. I knew I needed to buy some decent adhesive hanger stuff to stick it up there better, because what came with it wasn't very strong. Earlier I heard a crash, and the holder had fallen off the wall. And the boar brush went straight...in the toilet. So after initial rinsing and sterilizing with rubbing alcohol, then rinsing it all out and using dawn on it, I'll have to shampoo and condition it before touching it to my face again.

    What have I learned today? Never hang your brush on the wall anywhere near the toilet.
  2. LOL at my house the master bath is a double sink then the toliet, my wife's is by the toliet and mine is by the door.
  3. I have one brush being new to the hobby, and the brush didnt come with a holder, but I rigged something up against the bathroom mirror, which is thankfully right above the sink and nowhere near the toilet. Worst case scenario, brush falls in the sink:thumbup:
  4. Yeah, right now I just have it standing where it won't pool up, but I'm planning on getting some good adhesive wall hangers so that it will stay attached this time. And...moving it to a different location on the wall...much farther from the toilet.
  5. I saw a show recently that described the different rooms in the house and the # of germs in them...the toilet was actually one of cleaner items. Go figure!
  6. You know, at first I thought, "There's nothing wrong with toilet water. It's actually pretty clean!"

    Then I remembered that you literally scrub this thing into your pores...:eek2:
  7. I think you mean you had to 'clean' it, not sterilize it.
  8. If drenching it in rubbing alcohol before washing it isn't sterilization, I dunno what is, lol.

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