Guess that mysterious item

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  1. Like the other "guess that" threads, try to identify the item in the posted photo. Whoever guesses correctly can post the next picture.

    The challenge here is to post pictures of items that are specialized, obscure, outdated, or perhaps viewed from an unusual angle or proximity.

    I'll start out with a pretty easy item.
  2. electric razor heads?
  3. 5 12AX7 's and a EL34 would fit nicely there :wink2:

    Here's my entry:

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  4. To clarify Blix's answer, those are sockets for electronic vacuum tubes. :thumbup1:
  5. Any hints? Looks like something that rotates... a connector or handle or some sort?
  6. Maybe this helps :wink:

  7. Roller skate axle and wheels.

    EDIT: My age is probably showing. More likely skate board.
  8. Looks like skateboard trucks?
  9. Or more specific, dowhill longboard trucks :001_smile

    Here pictured on the left purple deck:

  10. Next . . .
  11. Pipe tamper?
  12. No. The actual size is about 4 inches long.
  13. A shoehorn? (I'm used to the kind with teeth)
  14. victorian baby rattle
  15. Hot wax letter sealer/stamp
  16. Nope nope nope.
    One hint: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
  17. Well, it doesn't look like a phone dialer, so is it a letter opener?
  18. Is it a tool for cutting the top off a boiled egg?
  19. It is a phone dialer!
    You insert the ball end into the finger hole of the dial.
  20. Hint: it does not dispense anything.

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