Grooming & Trimming Facial Hair, Particularly Mustache / Moustache

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  1. How do you groom your facial hair, particularly your mustache/moustache? There doesn't seem to be much discussion on here specifically about the technique of it. What are some dos and don'ts? Any good forums, blogs, videos, etc. about the subject? Recommended products or equipment? What about trimming beards and goatees?

    Thanks. Any suggestions or tips are very much appreciated.
  2. Electric trimmer on the soul-patch and (lightly) on the mustache, then a bit of fine tuning with scissors.
  3. Thanks.

    I did do a search. I've seen most of those threads (some of which aren't even relevant to my original request). I'm looking for something a little more in depth.
  4. I use a good T-bladed trimmer to shape or outline a beard or moustache
    .And then touch it up with a blade.The Andis Headliner sold at Wal Mart is a great trimmer,and cuts pretty close(not BBS though)Or you can go much more expensive and get a Wahl Detailer.

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