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  1. Hello all. I've been lurking here for a little over a month and have really enjoyed the tips, tricks and recommendations you all share here. I found B&B right after I got my first razor, an Edwin Jagger DE89L. Thanks to all the information here I also bought a Merkur 37C and it was just the ticket for shaving my head in something under 100 passes.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying wet shaving and now by proxy collecting as many different brands of blades as I can to experiment with. So far my best, most comfortable combination has been a 7 O'Clock Yellow SharpEdge in the 37C for the head and face then the DE89 loaded with a Feather for all the touch-ups. I guess I split from the majority here in that I skipped the bowls/brushes/creams/soaps and went straight for a home made shaving oil using grapeseed and eucalyptus. It smells great, shaves like a dream and leaves my skin looking and feeling like a million bucks. All four of my aftershaves are Pinaud so I'm a bit of a fan.

    If you're reading this post chances are I've read some of yours and gleaned quality information from them so from me to you - thanks!
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    Welcome to B&B!!!

    Glad to have you here. Ask any questions you have, we're here to help.
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    Welcome! 100 passes? Yowza.

    I used to live outside of Tucson for a while in the 1970s, love that desert.
  4. Welcome. This is a great place to share. Your homemade oil sounds pretty cool!
  5. Thanks fellas.

    Rockminer, I take it you're in Kansas? My Pops was born and raised in Medicine Lodge and I have family that farms near Wellington.

    nemo, where exactly? I was born and lived there till I was ten not far from Davis Monthan. Left Tucson for Phoenix and have been here ever since. I love the desert too. I go Jeeping with friends and family every chance I get.

    tbrib, it really does the trick although if brushes and soaps make their way in at some point it wouldn't surprise me.
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  6. Fellow phoenix resident here saying welcome. What kind of jeep?
  7. Welcome! Tempe resident here...
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    Welcome, were you shaving for 100 passes in the past with other razors?
    And why are y0u using a DE89/Feather for touchups, why not use DE89 only since it gives you such a good touchup?
  9. mcen, 2000 TJ. She's my pride and joy! What year is yours?

    digitaldome, thanks! Neat to see other Arizona folks.

    alex2363, the 100 passes wasn't literal, it just seemed like it :001_smile. The hair on the sides and back of my head is extremely fine but grows in extremely dense which, from reading here that it isn't the most aggressive razor, is what I think might have contributed to the DE89 requiring so much work. I only have the two razors and truth be told I could probably get by fine with just the 37C but that Edwin Jagger is such a nice razor I can't help but make room for it in my daily routine.

    On another note I just tried a Voskhod in the 37C for the first time and the shave was every bit as good as the Gillette Yellow. There's a local shop here in town that has Voskhods for $11 per 100 so I think I'll stock up.
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  10. Welcome to the forum !!
  11. Welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying it as I do!
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    Davis Monthan, that's that boneyard for old retired planes? I've been there if so -- I was in a little village called Sells near Kitt Peak.
  13. Welcome from another voluntary Chrome dome
  14. mine is a 95 yj that i have only had for about 9 months. it has changed a lot though. have you done anything to it?
  15. Where is the shop been looking online for a shop and the only place I could find was "The Art of Shaving" in Chandler Mall and one in Scottsdale?
  16. Hello and welcome to B&B!!

  17. Welcome, glad to have you here. Enjoy!

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