Greetings from the Northern Rivers of NSW

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  1. Gents,

    I'm hailing from the Far North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. I'm mid thirties and have always hated shaving.....I guess having appalling technique/equipment will do that to the best of us.

    In the bad old days I used to rely on crappy disposables - then graduated to a Gillette Sensor......and have tried Mach 3's etc. Last few yrs I've been using a Schick Quattro Titanium but have never been overly impressed with the results.

    Then around 6mths ago I read over a thread on DE razor shaving and incorporated a lot of the components of this process into my cartridge technique. eg using a brush (albeit a cheapo boar's hair one), using a shaving soap (again a cheap, Proraso Aloe+GT) and just soaking everything up well before shaving etc.

    This made a massive improvement but DE shaving always was something I wanted to do - alas I had bought up a big number of Schick Quattro heads (~50) when they'd been on special, very expensive here selling for around $4 a unit at times! But had to put off for a while till I got through those.

    Made the break last week - flogged the remaining 25 or so heads to another chap and intend to go the way of DE...for better or worse.

    Anyway have just been lurking in a few forums, including here.....have ordered the following already:

    - a few cakes of Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap
    - an Edwin Jagger Medium Best Badger brush (21mm knot)
    - a Feather Portable DE razor
    - and finally a sampler pack of 100 blades from Ebay (mainly Turkish and Russian stuff)

    Happy with most of those (nothing has arrived nor will for a few weeks I'd say) but prolly wouldn't have gotten the brush - nice 2nd hand buys here.

    Eyeing off a few older Gillette Super Speed's on Ebay and also considering ordering the obligatory Merkur HD - which from all reports is just a can't miss classic vanilla kinda razor.

    Which might be a good thing for me as I'm not cursed with a heavy bristle and would prefer not to have to mess around with it much.

    Anyway thats me, nice to be here and look forward speaking with a few folks along the way.

    Cheers, Nick :)
  2. Welcome to the B&B mate!

    There is a fine group of ladies and gentlemen here.
    And they let me hang around here too. :biggrin1:
  3. Welcome to Badger & Blade!
  4. Welcome Nick!

    You will find all the help you need here along with some great folks.

    There is a social group for Aussie here -\ but I think nowadays you need a few more posts to be able to post there, but don't worry the main boards are almost as welcoming!

    Your story is not unfamilar, I'm in my forties and have been DE shaving for 6 months after carts (Sensor Excel) previously. The difference is amazing once you get that technique right - which I don't think is really that hard. If you still have any carts keen them around though - if travelling with only hand luggage on planes blades are a no-no.

    Anyway, good luck and ask questions if we can help!
  5. Welcome. Glad you joined the forum.
  6. Welcome Nick. As Mark said, be sure to stop by at the GSL.
  7. Welcome from the Far North Qld :thumbup1:
  8. RCC


    welcome to B&B

    pick up an HD and a superspeed and I don't believe you'll look back.
    FWIW - I started with an HD and it still is the one to use for comparison.

  9. Welcome, starting out with MWF is great. It took me about 7 months to get some and it is the best stuff I have ever tried.
  10. Welcome to B&B champ :001_smile
  11. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

  12. G'day Nick and welcome to B&B. Looks like you've done your homework, but dont think your list will stay that short! It sneaks up on you, but the AD's get you in the end.

    Keep an eye out in the Buy/Sell/Trade and you will have more razors in no time.

    Nice part of the world where you live, I lived there about 20 years ago before coming up here.

  13. mdunn

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    welcome aboard, mate!
  14. There are to many Australian's here if you ask me...... :tongue_sm

    Welcome aboard mate.
  15. There won't be too many of us till we outnumber the Poms, Kiwis & Canucs combined.

    Welcome to the Badgers' Den!
    My in-laws are up your way, if we both mean the same thing by North Coast of NSW.


    PS. On the GSL there are a couple of PIF's & other threads that are open to us poor suckers who either haven't been around long enough, or haven't posted enough, to join the group - you can PM the person who started the post.
  16. Greetings and welcome to the B&B.
  17. I see you've already been on B/S/T and PM'd for a merkur HD. Nice going.
  18. theologist

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    Welcome, welcome, welcome...

    from an ex-far-north-coast resident!
  19. Welcome to B&B!! Take your time and enjoy the experience.
  20. djh

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    Welcome aboard!

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