Great Prices on Edwin Jaggar Razors at Tradtional - Also Great Service & Care

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  1. I hadn't dealt with them before. But with the B&B courtesy 10%, my new EJ DE89L ran me a little over $30 with shipment. It included 5 Derby Blades... plus few English Hard Candies thrown in as a purchase "thank you".

    The packaging was done with care and consideration for overseas shipping.

    Very impressed. What I would call a class act:clap:

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  3. I too placed an order for a EJ DE89L and with the B&B discount total came to $30.01. They provided excellent communication and package arrived in 11 days from the day of my order. I concur that they package with care and included couple of pieces of hard candy which was a nice touch. Very Happy with their prices and customer service and would consider purchasing from them in the future.

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