Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap as Shampoo Bar

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  1. I have a trouble spot of dry skin on my scalp. Have had it for years and tried every home remedy known to man...

    Recently I tried using Grandpa's Pine Tar as a shampoo bar. This trouble spot has really cleared up.

    Although the scent (odor!) isn't the best, it dissipates quickly. Anyone else have good luck using this as shampoo? I may never use anything else.
  2. You may want to reconsider your usage, or at least investigate further, as pine tar is carcinogenic.
  3. I love Grandpa's Pine Tar soap. :thumbup1:
  4. I use Grandpa's Pine Tar soap regularly, both as a body bar and shampoo bar. It's great and I enjoy the fragrance but am glad it rinses off and doesn't hang around. Recently, I've been following up with a shampoo of Dr. Bonner's Peppermint liquid soap. Good results.
  5. I might be mistaken, and pardon me if I am, but you may be thinking of coal tar, not pine tar.
  6. Coal tar definitely, but IIRC, Pine Tar also contains creosote (sp?) which is an irritant and known carcinogen.

    edit: quick google confirms my memory. however, I suppose it is possible to remove teh creosote during manufacturing. or apparently, to use a different process.

    edit 2:

    also from the same page:

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  7. Thank you for that! Never knew pine tar (which we used on the farm as a kid) had creosote.
  8. You're welcome. Tho, "could have" might be a more accurate statement. Still, I wouldn't take the chance. Dioxane sounds equally bad for you.
  9. That's true, and you'd probably have to use it for years on end to get any real risk from the likely low level creosote that may be present. Too bad though - Grandpa's always did lather up right nice for me (never used it to shave, tho). Liked the smell, too.
  10. Every day.
  11. I emailed Grandpa's website and this is the response:

    Thank you for your interest in Grandpa Brands Company. Our pine tar is obtained via a closed-kiln process. We have had the product tested and no creosote was detected.


    Kimberly Greer
    Grandpa Brands Company
  12. I use Wright's Traditional Coal Tar Soap. Almost exclusively now as I love the smell and squeaky clean feeling after use. I do lament it's reformulation to include just a Coal Tar fragrance and not the actual coal tar extracts that it used to use. Something's are never the same.

    I did recently switch to Christina May's Pine Tar Soap and am now loving using that. A very similar soap chemically but a truly different colour and scent.
  13. I love that soap, but I think it smells like a BBQ pit
  14. There are web resources that list tallow as a carcinogen too (in the diet so don't panic).

    But then again, if I avoided all carcinogens, I wouldn't leave my house to go into the Arizona sun; or breathe the Phoenix area air for that matter.
  15. For danruff I use Tea Tree Oil.
  16. There are creosote free versions. You just have to check.

  17. Yes I know I'm necroposting but you need to change where you get your BBQ from.
  18. I will have to try it.
  19. I ended up here because i have a bar of Grandpa's brand pine tar soap on my desk.
    Glad to know it's closed kiln & creosote free!

    Just don't let too much get in your ears. Tea tree oil is good stuff, but it supposedly can cause hearing loss.

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