Got the new razorock in today anyone else?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by prsman23, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Pretty amazed by the speed. Shipped out of Canada on the 4th of July and made it to Saint Louis this morning! Got the new limited edition and Morrocan Secret.
  2. Got my package (I bought everything new he just put $93 I've spent in a long time)! Cracked open everything, and I have very high hopes for each item. Tonight I'll spend some time sniffing the soaps to get an idea of what I can pick out.

    On my break from work, I did wash my face with the new lime pre-shave soap and followed that up with a splash of the Baby Blue. Face felt great, and I'm loving the scent!

    Tomorrow will be a spin with the S. Maria cream, just for something different. Exciting times to be a RazoRock Addict!
  3. What's the baby blue like?
  4. Powdery citrus is Joe's description...I think it's pretty fair, but to me it's a little more complex. Believe it or not, I think I'm picking up some notes that remind me of Old Spice aftershave splash (though not nearly as aggressive). It's a masculine scent, and quite clean (not cloying at all). Strong longevity for an a/s splash, as it's been 3 hours and I can still smell it.

    The powder's pretty light, and I say that only because powder usually gives me a headache (had to PIF Clubman Pinaud for that reason), and 3 hours later, my head feels fine.

    So far it's a winner...can't wait to try it immediately post-shave.

  5. I really can't wait to lather up all my new soaps! (and cream) Hopefully USPS will deliver them to my house today *crosses fingers*
  6. I am in Il and haven't received them yet. That is really fast for FL and MO shipping so hopefully they are on my doorstep today!
  7. New stuff came in today! Bad news is wife found it and the packing slip was exposed.
  8. I ordered the LE today, but due to Joe's vacation I don't think they will be here for some time, which is fine because I am trying to finish up my tub of proraso.

    What do you think of the Mudda Focker? This will be my first RR, but I don't think it will be my last!
  9. Yeah Joe puts it right on the outside. Easier for customs I guess.

    Good luck explaining why you spent so much to the wife. :p
  10. Baby Blue, Caribbean Coconut, S. Maria arrived today! The Baby Blue smells great at first you get the alcohol smell which goes away very quickly, then the powder and a citrus smell hit you and the citrus is slightly sweet smelling. Outstanding! And the bottle opening is awesome the shaker hole is tapered and ships with a plug in it to help ensure it wont leak. Awesome bottle Joe! The coconut is a light coconut smell and the cream is a very light brown/tan. S. Maria is a very different from what I was expecting, Doesn't smell like Proraso at all. It is a cleaner/lighter/fresher smelling Eucalyptus is the best way I can put it. An it comes in a different container than the La Famiglia line. It's a bigger flat screw top container that looks like loading form this is going to be a dream. And it's more of a cream than a soft Italian soap. Can't wait to try the S. Maria out.
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  11. Anyone get the Nervous Wreck yet? I'm curious what his vetiver scent is like...
  12. OK, so....2 questions:

    1) Does the Baby Blue smell just like Floid Blue?

    2) What does the Moroccan Secret smell like?
  13. From what I have read so far the Floid and BB are different, the Floid is more Powdery and the BB has more citrus. I haven't tried Floid But this was from someone who had them side by side.
  14. I got mine today... I'm in Kansas City. The Mudder Focker passed the initial sniff test with flying colors. Not that strong smelling from the tub, but hopefully it will be stronger when lathered. I don't even know how to describe it really. Like a masculine spicy vanilla I guess? Going to use it tomorrow morning.

    Only other one I got is the S.Maria. Menthol and eucalyptus... don't have to describe that one really. I definitely prefer its scent to the Mentolipto I have. The S.Maria is less sweet, and smells like it will have more menthol.

    Very very excited for these two.
  15. :crying: Mine didnt show up today so i guess ill have to wait till tomorrow
  16. Morrocan Secret- smells sort of like don Marco but different. I love this one
    Mudder Focker- cant describe but I love it
    nervous wreck- see M.F.
    R160- delicious.
    Santa Maria- menthol/eucalyptus.
    Baby blue- as it was said before I get a strong initial smell of powder but it is quickly followed by a wonderful citrus hard to describe scent. It is delightful.
    Have not lathered yet but if it performs half as good as it smells then you should no doubt get these soaps.

    I thought these would be in a different package than the la familia line though
  17. Fwiw SWMBO liked s. Maria least
  18. I'm curious too. The description sounds more like what I think 4711 smells like.
  19. My Mudder Focker came in today, it's hard for me to detect much of a scent to it at all.
  20. Waiting patiently for cumba cheech and zi' peppino green tobacco to arrive. I am really interested in finding out how these actually smell. I love the scent of jasmine and the tobacco was a little too intriguing to pass up...especially at Joe's prices. While I was at it, I figured I needed a Semogue 620 to lather it all up (and in case these soaps are not as croap-like as the artisan series I ordered a Vie-Long silvertip butterscotch beehive from Bullgoose...too much?).

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