Got my new Cadet OC.

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  1. Just got my new Cadet TP-27 delivered from shaveabuck. Ordered it Thursday and came Tuesday. Pretty quick delivery. I've been using DE razors for some years now but never tried an open comb. This seemed like a pretty inexpensive way to try one. Looks like a pretty nice razor considering it was only $19.99!

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  2. I got mine a couple days ago. Shaved with it last night, although I used my UFO Kaiser Short handle with it. Very nice shaver. Used a Polsilver Super Iridium in it and got a very close, irritation free shave. No nicks or weepers. Went four passes (WTG, XTG, ATG, WTG) and no problems. I was a little concerned because I heard the some guys have trouble getting even blade exposure with these.... and I can see why. I put the blade in the first time, tightened it up without paying a whole lot of attention and it didn't look very even. I loosened it up and adjusted it a bit and it was fine. The shave went well so I can't complain. Mine had a little ding in the side of the cap that had obviously happened at the factory before plating.... but it's barely noticeable and honestly, I don't expect too much in the appearance department from a $20 razor.

  3. Congratulations and these are considered a bit "aggressive". Good luck and enjoy the razor.
  4. Shaved with it this morning. Gotta tell you, I was a little apprehensive at first, but I got a really nice smooth shave with no irritation or razor burn. I think it even shaved better than my DE89l. I'm pleasantly surprised! I saw the “Brotherhood of the Open Comb” forum and might post this there.
  5. Ben, I agree, the Cadet OC is a nice razor, but I do have to spend some time with blade alignment before I feel OK with starting a shave. For the money, I can put up with a little extra time to align.
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    We will welcome u with open arms.:thumbup:
  7. Been shaving with this for over a month now and this has become my favorite razor. I shaved with it for a couple weeks and then tried my DE89 again. I haven't used the de89 since. I get nice smooth shaves with no irritation or razor burn. the de89 was mild but irritated my neck for some reason. Maybe when I get 50 posts I'll put the de89 on BST.
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    Excellent razor. I alternate between this and the R41 and honestly the Cadet is moving to number 1 as of late.
  9. My Cadet OC TP44 immediately converted me to open combs and became my favorite (over my Merkur 180, and Gillette Super Adjustable Black Beauty). They're great razors, and a steal at $20.
  10. does anyone know if this is the same razor as the razorock little bastone?
  11. Since someone said it. Is the blade alignment an issue with these?

    i want to get one because the UFO handles fit them, but the whole blade alignment thing has me doubting.
  12. When I first put a blade in it I wasn't sure if the blade was aligned or not. So I loosened it up and re-tightned it down. Upon closer investigation it may have been an illusion. I was looking at the amount of blade sticking out past the top cap. When I compared both sides of the teeth the blade exposure looked even. I do hold the razor on both ends with thumb and finger as I tighten it down, and I do check each time I load a blade. But so far no problems.
  13. Of course I might add that I always check any razor that I just put a new blade in to make sure everything looks aligned right.
  14. No. The TP-44 has an old style octogon handle. The Little Bastone from Italian Barber looks like it might be the TP-01SS on the shaveabuck site. The RazoRock Jaws on Italian Barber looks the same as the TP-01 from shaveabuck. The RazoRock Black Hammer looks like the same handle on my TP-27, only it is black instead of chrome. It doesn't look like RazoRock has that handle with an OC.
  15. thanks for the reply botoc. i have the razorock oc and wondered if the heads were alike. after using the little bastone for a couple weeks i think it's a pretty good shaver for under $20
  16. Hi, mates!

    I also bought a Pearl/Cadet open comb razor some time ago and I have used it a few times:


    I found it a bit aggressive but I got with some care good close shaves. But probably I haven't paid much attention to blade alignment, next time I'll be more careful about that issue and will see if it improves my shaving experience.

    Anyway I agree with you about it has a superb value for money. I have tried Merkur, Muhle and Gillette New OC long teeth heads and for me this is the best OC design to get a close shave from all of those ones.

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  17. The principal failing of modern razor designs, in my opinion, is that we have to tinker with blade alignment.

    It shouldn't be rocket science to make a razor in which the blade is always perfectly aligned. Gillette got it right with the Tech, the NEW, and all the TTOs. Why can't a modern company figure out how to do this? It's mind boggling.
  18. I agree. But I am more forgiving on a $20 razor that performs above my expectations than I would be with a $40+ razor.
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