Got my 5ml decant of windsor today...... Not impressed

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by AndyPrice44, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I recieved in the mail this afternoon a 5ml decant of windsor. I applied some of this about a half hour ago. I don't get the gin, lime, or pine. All that comes across to me is just strong floral. It smells too feminine for my taste. I did purchase this off e-bay so I question its authenticity. the seller had a high enough rating. I thought I would have liked this frag more from reading the notes but, I guess its not for me. As a matter of fact, it is giving me a headache as I write this.... Do you guys get a strong floral burst from this? It just doesn't seem like something a man should wear. I don't know about this one. I will keep trying it and see what happens.

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    strong floral, but it dries down very nicely.
    $600 a bottle nicely?......YMMV
  3. The only way to know for sure if you bought a fake is to test it against the real thing. However. Assuming for the moment that what you bought was indeed the real deal, maybe the scent just isn't for you.

    Fragrance is so subjective. I get a lot of rose from Windsor -- I never really got much of the "gin, lime or pine" thing. I love rose, and I think Windsor is a killer frag. So it could simply be that you don't dig florals.

    Too, if you only applied it around 45 mins. ago, give it some time. The fragrance does change on skin over time. You might like it more in a couple of hours. Or not. But if you still don't, my advice would be to put it away for awhile (like 6 mos. to a year) & then pull it out again. Believe it or else, impressions can change. You might like it much more at some future date than you do right now.
  4. The average wetshaver might indeed find this too feminine. It is not tobacco or leather based and far from a mature man (aka vintage man) scent.

    It's probably authentic but with eBay who knows. That's why I don't do eBay. I don't want that uncertainty.
  5. It actually does smell better now. The floral has died down a bit and I do smell a little lime and pine in there. I still don't get the gin though..
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    Windsor may be my favorite fragrance. I get rose and pine off the bat, then something more resinous in the dry down, perhaps the cedar. While I enjoy it from the outset, hours two through eight are where it really stands out.

  7. Not for me, either!
  8. It better dry down REALLY nicely for that price.....
  9. I'm surprised a "Windsor Aid" doesn't come with the bottle to personally apply the cologne ... at that price.
  10. It's pricey but for niche fragrances, not outrageous.
  11. You guys do realize that the $640 price is for 250ml of juice, right? I mean, that's 1/4 liter. It's a LOT of scent!

    +1. It works out to $2.56/ml. Certainly not awful. And when compared to the price of most oud oils, it's a regular bargain-basement offering!
  12. That's how it smells. I don't smell ANY of the listed notes in smells like gardenia to me. pretty big letdown...guess if they said it was a jasmine/gardenia fragrance I might think it was amazing.
  13. All the dislikers can feel free to PIF me their Windsor

  14. That is still roughly $250 for a 3.3oz bottle. Using your logic, a Ferrari is an everyday bargain compared to a Lamborghini. Nonetheless, still very expensive.
  15. Yes it's horrible. Pm me addresses and I will personally come pick up the vial juice from you to save it form going into landfills.
  16. This is a good description of my experience with Windsor's fragrance. I get the gin/pine hit at the beginning (on top of the jasmine/rose/white flower floral scent),but it goes away pretty quick. I agree with Mike in that the hours two through eight is where the fragrance really shines. It's a favorite of mine but will just use it for special occasions.
  17. Not to mention the 90 bucks that I spent in the recent bottle split gives me enough Windsor to last (literally) years in rotation so it is certainly not obscene.

  18. +1. You can buy a 250ml flacon of windsor and one of their fancy travel atomizers for less $/ml than the 75ml Royal Oud (which doesn't come in any other size).
  19. I too get just florals out of this, no gin or pine or lime, oh how I wish that is what I's certainly quality and lasts forever, it's the strongest stuff I know of, but perhaps a little feminine for me. Still working on it, but don't see that I'll come around anytime soon.
  20. ...and which, to this humble sniffer at least, really blows (pardon my French).

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