Google 7 Tablet gonna get one?

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  1. I about lost my mind waiting for the guy to get the thing out of the box.
  2. I think I might well get one. It looks snappier than some of the junk Android Tablets I've seen and it seems like it's a bit more practical than my iPod Touch.
  3. I don't know. I just ordered and received a 16GB Aurora II, its got a 1.5GHZ dual-core CPU with a dual GPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM , 7" capacitative LG IPS screen. Plays and outputs via HDMI 1080p video like a dream. All for $160. Google shouldn't have waited this long but I'm pretty sure the tablet will be snapped by the crowds in a tech-site/TV-induced frenzy.
  4. Im considering it. Looks alot better than the Kindle Fire. Great price point at $199 and excellent specs.

    However, I think it might be a little small for me and the 8gb of storage might not be enough(16gb might not be enough also). I have a 30gb Ipod touch so im not sure I can justify buying such a small tablet. Still looks like a great bargain I see they include a $25.00 credit to google play and also include some magazine subscriptions and books.
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  5. With google play (and a wifi spot of course) the storage is somewhat a moot point for me. I'll wait until the Fire 2 is released to see which to get. I think for the kids this (or a fire) beats the Ipad, at least in terms of cost. really scary giving the kids a $500 thing to play with , $200 is a bit more reasonable (though still spendy) IMO.

    Though I will admit the Ipad sure is purdy and really the gold standard for tablets.
  6. Kentos

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    Looks pretty cool.
  7. I'm tempted to get one, but the lack of removable storage is a bit of a deal breakbreaker for me (not sure why Google is so reluctant to put removable storage in their Nexus line). It's a very nice device and has some great specs with the Tegra 3 processor, a nice screen, stock Jellybean with nice some new features. But if you load a lot of music, movies or games onto your tablet or phone to begin with, you'll burn through even the 16gb model pretty fast. You can upload a lot of content to the cloud via Google music or Dropbox, but if you're using it on the go you can't really access any content without a constant wifi connection.

    Samsung's Galaxy tab 7" can be had for $240.00 at Costco and has ICS with 16gb on-board memory, a micro SD card slot, a great screen, and 2 cameras (plus Costco throws in a case as well). Although it's only dual core and running Touch Wiz (which can be rooted out if you want).

    In a nutshell-The Nexus was designed to compete with the Kindle Fire and revolve around the Google Play store, similiar to the Kindle Fire and If you're looking for something similiar to Fire, this is a great alternative. For me I carry a ton of music and apps on my Ipad and Lenovo K1 Ideapad so I'm not sure if this is for me.

    Also the rumor mill is saying Amazon will be announcing a new Kindle Fire sometime at the end of July/early August. So I'm holding off to see what happens.
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    I'm fascinated by the phenomenon of "unboxing". It's a very special and particularly humorous form of insanity.
  9. Isaac

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    That was the best unboxing of the world. EPIC FAIL!!
  10. Austin

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    Yep just like getting a new razor or soap. :001_rolle
  11. Someone should do an unboxing video of a Goulet order :biggrin:
  12. ouch

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    I just placed an order for empty boxes. When they arrive, I will post an unboxing video.
  13. They really nailed it on price with this, very aggressive for such a full-featured package. It's evident they want the number one selling Android powered tablet to actually look like Android, as opposed to Amazon's secret sauce. Going to be really interesting to watch this in the market.

  14. I agree, I think you're going to see a slew of $200.00 7-inch tablets running similar specs coming out,especially around the holidays. This kind of reminds of the netbook craze a few years back when all the major manufacturers came out with these small bare bones computers for around $250.00. Some were nice, others well, not so much.

    Great thing about the Nexus Q is that it's stock Jellybean with no custom skin like Sense or Touch Wiz. Plus like the Nexus phones they'll get all the major updates first.
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    I guess any time of the year except December 26th is Unboxing Day.
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    I am thinking the unboxing phenom really took off when supply fell short of demand for electronics, ie. the iPhone 3G. I remember watching countless YouTube videos of them.
  17. Agreed I watched a ton of those as well. Have to hand it to Apple, as great as their devices are, their packaging is extremely clever. I think a lot of companies took note and started designing packaging that consumers gravitate to. Also I think there's a pyschological component as well. Maybe it makes people feel like a kid at Xmas when they opened up that new toy they wanted so badly.
  18. I've already got 2 Android tablets. I've got an Asus Transformer 10.1 that I use at home like a laptop (it's got the attachable keyboard). I've also got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 with built in 3G that I grab pretty much whenever I leave the house.
    The new Google unit looks pretty good and with most mobile phones being able to tether you've got access on the go.

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