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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by malocchio, May 7, 2012.

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    Don't you hate it when you stock up on something you really enjoy,and finally you get to the last one ? I just felt like a good Williams shave.I had 3 tubes,finished the second tube over a year ago_Opened the last one today and got a wonderful shave,really superb lather.Extra rich,extra creamy and soothing,a bold real barbershop scent,manly in spades !....My tubes were the sensitive version,but I can feel a coolness when applying,must have menthol,or mint,but no ingredients listed on this wonderful French/Belgian cream...Shame on Sara worried about clogging guys arteries with cheescake,and dumps one of the all time shaving greats...I have to nail this tube on my garage wall when it's finished,I don't want to forget it...

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    some lovely bunch of lather there,.. a pity on it being your last tube
  3. Congratulations on the fine shave. How do you store your creams? I would love some tips as I have a rather large cache squirreled away.
  4. Only some of us wil get this, but Sara Lee NL is een [email protected], obscured the word so I don't get in trouble...Wim will know what I mean...what can you expect from somebody so focused on cakes from a box?
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    I have a large stash as well,I keep them in a dark closet,nothing special ....I have tried an 8 year old arko cream,and it was as good as new...with creams,when they "go" ,you will get that "off" aroma...the nose knows....keep your caps screwed on tight,and keep them out of sun and heat,they should last quite awhile...
  6. Thanks for that, that is what I do too. I put them in the coolest cupboard in the house. That 8 year old Arko has renewed my confidence, I will start hording with more gusto.

    One more thing I wanted your advice on. It might sound strange but I have never tried a Gillette cream yet, I wanted to try the lemon/lime scent. Now there are two variants available to me, one made in Lebanon and the other made in Italy. Which one should I buy? I googled and Lebanon version seems to receive mixed reviews. Also, is their menthol any good? Too drying?
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    I have gillette creams from Italy , Argentina and Lebanon...none really dry out on me...water and technique play a part in this as well...the Gillette menthol creams are very good,but do not have the potency of the Italian Palmolive (green tube)...Gillette,as you know,is dumping their tubs and tubes ,so if you can score any at all do it now,before they are forever lost....between the 3 countries I just could not say one is better than the others creams,they are very close,possibly with Lebanese Gillette a little more generous with lubrication...they all smell great and work fine,you can't go wrong with any of these fine creams.
  8. Thank you malocchio, your knowledge of shave creams is truly astounding.

    I haven't spotted the Argentinian tubes here, what I'll do is get 3 (Lime, Menthol and Regular) of both the Italian and Lebanese variety. Thanks again.
  9. Cool packaging on that Williams tube!
    I just started on my last tube of Gillette Regular. It'll last awhile, but I'm going to have to try to find some more.

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