Good places to get a shave and haircut in Houston, TX?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm headed "home" to Texas later this week, and would be interested in getting a haircut and maybe a straight razor shave while I'm in an area where I trust the barbers and speak the language. Does anyone have any place to recommend? My preference would certainly be more for an old-school barber shop, the kind of place that has been doing it for years, rather than a new salon type place (i.e. $$$). Also, something near the center of town would be great.


  2. Living north of Houston but working in town I feel your pain . There is a small run down one man barber shop west of Ella on 34th street who gives a good haircut but the hours are sporadic .
  3. If you can get a couple of hours north of there in Nacogdoches there is a barber shop downtown called Milford's. They cheat by using heated shaving cream from a electric dispenser but the razors are still straight. Good Flat Top too.
  4. I know this is old but I thought I'd throw in a thought...

    I haven't gone yet but I have heard some good reviews about this spot and I plan to go there in the next month or so...

    It is near Memorial City Mall just west of town.
  5. Hex


    That looks good Burrito, I think I will give it a try.
  6. Another excellent location is the re-known V's Barbershop

    The Houston location is at 2040 W Gray St near Shepard.

  7. You should try V's at 2040 W Gray St.
  8. Thanks... I hadn't heard of V's. I'll have to give that one a try as well.
  9. there's Christopher's Vintage Shave in Sugar Land
    haven't been there myself, but a buddy of mine goes there all the time and says its great.

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