Good morning gentlemen... I am looking for a second brush

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by jeff_C, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. I have been using the same brush for years. Its an Edwin Jagger Badger brush and I have always liked it. Then I found this site... and now, I want another LOL.

    So, can anyone recommend a good second brush? I am on a bit of a budget so low cost would be a good thing. I would also be interested in buying used. So preferably something that is pretty common that I might get a good response to with a WTB post. But I dont really know what to specifically ask for.

    I think I want to stick with badger. Right or wrong I was always told it was "better".

    So, where should I start my research/hunting?

  2. At this point I mainly use a Simpsons Special in pure & a Berkeley in best. The Special is around $25 & the Berkeley is about $50 depending on where you look. They're both great brushes IMO.
  3. Jeff, Give a Semogue Boar brush a try. I recomend the 1305, it makes great lather and it doesn't matter if you are a bowl, or facelatherer. It works either way, and it goes for under $20.

  4. I have done a little bit of reading on boar vs badger... any thoughts there? I hear boar doesnt last as long... But of course its less expensive. Thoughts?
  5. Welcome to B&B......

    Do you want a face lathering brush


    A bowl lathering brush

    Until you tell us what you want you will get nothing but "I like/have this brush" kind of answers

    Also state a price (or range). there's no point telling you about a $200 Rooney if you want to spend $35 or telling you about a $15 boar when you want to spend $100

    AABCDS Contributor

    Exactly! What do and don't you like about your EJ brush?
  7. The Simpson Colonel, a good all around brush especially if you bowl lather, is the WCS deal of today. If the B&B discount code works on top of the deal, it's under $50.
  8. 90% of the time I use soap in a bowl. The other 10% I use a cream and face lather.

    Id like to keep it around 30-40.00

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    For that price range, I'd suggest a TGN, Whipped Dog, or boar brush.
  10. StuMcB

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    No one going to mention FS?
  11. Sounds like a job for a nice boar. I love my badgers for cream and soft soaps, but for soap in a bowl I get he best out of a nice boar. Buy an SOC and never ever look back.
  12. What is FS and SOC?
  13. Franks Shaving and Semogue Owners Club.
  14. Prof. Moriarty

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    FS is Frank Shaving (a cheap type of badger brush). And SOC means Semogue Owners Club.
    I personally would go with a nice Semogue boar brush.
  15. The soc is is a semogue boar brush , its made with a high grade of boar bristle , once it breaks in it will be soft and great backbone to handle the soaps you prefer .Vintage scent has what I believe are the best prices here is a link The brush has many fans all the "cool wet shavers have one " . Here is just one of the links for brush
  16. Thank you all! Great suggestions!
  17. Semouge 1305
  18. If you want a boar I suggest checking out West Coast Shaving..they're having a deal going on right now that if you order a Semogue brush you get free shipping on your entire order..good chance to snag a couple of other things while you're at it.

    I believe it also requires a coupon code..but I don't know it off of the top of my head.

    Makes me ALMOST (almost) wish I didn't get my Omega 10086 (though I do love it) so I'd have an excuse to get a Semogue and Captain's Choice. :lol:
  19. Well I did find a very affordable Omega 48 on the sales forum. So that may temper my curiosity about boars brushes for the time being. :)

    But of course with my new found uh.. hobby... there is always room for more!

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