Good Hair Gel or Wax?

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  1. What's a good hair gel or hair wax to use? I like the wet look, hate the hardness of gel and would like the stuff to wash out at the end of the day after 1 or 2 shampooings. Sweat resistant would be nice too
  2. Have been wondering the same myself. Currently using Nancy Boy gel and though expensive as hell $19 it just not worth it. Its still "tacky" but does rinse well and DOES NOT FLAKE! I thought I had dandruff using LA Looks BS and it was the gel. NB does not flake but I am sure you can find a better gel for a better price. Waxes are mostly greasy and thick and gunky. Maybe a mild pomade...Kind of a backup question for me. I am glad someone asked:)
  3. Fructis SPIKING Gel.

    Exactly what you're looking for
  4. Kinda random but the best thing i ever used.

    Banana Boat Moisturizing ALOE AFTER SUN Lotion

    You get 16oz for 7 US. Cant beat that.

    It's worth giving it a try, especially with the summer creeping up so if you don't like it you can always use it for sunburn or to just keep you tan longer.

    Apply Liberally. Let it set for the "wet look" after it dries you can run your hand thru it for the "messed up look"
  5. v-g


    I struggle to find something I like too.

    I've some different preferences. I don't need the wet look and I would like it to not be so insanely sticky to the touch. I lean more towards the hardness of gel, but I don't necessarily like gel.

    Have you tried Joico ICE Spiker Glue or Terence Renati Strong Hold or Straight Hold Glaze?

    You could also try Sebastian Xtah Crude Clay. I don't like it, but many do.

    There's also a cheap alternative, Schwarzkopf got2b glued.

    Jack Black has High Definition Hair Pomade, could be a bit too greasy and too little hold.
    Their Body Building Hair Gel is good, but very stiff like, you know, gel.

    The new Redken For Men has a interesting line-up. I've only tried their Stand Tough gel.

    L’Oreal Professional Tecni Art Glue is also good, not as stiff as some other gels I've tried.

    Don't bother trying Fudge Hair Gum. It's expensive, but still flakes.

    I've tried 10-15 products up till now, and I've not settled yet.

    I dunno if all this is available in the US.
  6. I spike my hair in the back and I use GW Putty, a pliable fiber putty for hold, and mix in some STIFF @#!% Wired Extreme Putty. It washes out and my SO uses my products when he runs out of Ice Spiker.

    It may not be as wet of a look as you would like but you could try mixing other products you like. The shinier the product in the container, the more wet it will look on your head but less likely to have the hold you want. That is why I mix products (and the fact it was suggested by my stylist).
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    I forgot to mention something I tried which was very wet looking and wax-like at the same time.

    Affixx Rasta Gum from Elgon. It smells intense though.
  8. +1 great thread!! I'm looking for the same kind of product!

    Has anyone tried Charles Worthington or Trevor Sorbie products?? (available at Superdrug and Boots respectively - UK stores)

    Any opinions on the ridiculously expensive Fudge Hair Shaper?? Or even Dax Wax??

    I'm looking for a wax more than a gel - my experience with gels are that they all make my hair hard/"crusty"

    I'm currently using Shockwaves "ultimate effects" Clay (packaged in a 75g green tub) - it's a good styling product - I'm just looking for something different/better...
  9. I have very thick stubborn hair so take that into account! I have tried so many different waxes, gels etc over the years.

    I think I have tried Trevor Sorbie wax of some kind. Can't remember too much so it can't have been great!
    Dax has very good hold but is impossible to wash out of your hair.
    The V05 extreme rework fibre putty is very good too but it brings me out in spots :mad:

    I found some great stuff in Oz/NZ called Urchin which is brilliant, smells really good, great hold, everything. I just can't find it over here :frown:

    The stuff I am using at the moment is Moosehead defining paste from Boots (UK). Smells quite like the Urchin actually, good hold, not too greasy, reasonable price, washes out easily and doesn't give me spots either. :lol: I just finished a pot and replaced it which is always a good sign!
  10. Rusk: Being strong is good stuff,

    but i does give you the gel hardness,

    But on a plus note washes out in one shampooing and looks wet all day:cool:
  11. Paul Mitchell tea tree pomade is nice and I use it daily. It washes out pretty well.
  12. I've recently started using the Fudge Hair Varnish. Lots of shine, no flake, washes out easily.
  13. I'm currently using American Crew Fiber, but I'm almost out. I've heard good things about Redken Rough paste though, I think I'll try it next.
  14. I find that some wax doesn't really have a hold. Try a pomade for middle ground.
  15. I like the Aveda hair stick. It looks just like a deodorant stick. This thing rocks. Holds great, looks good, doesn't stink and washes out with one shampoo. I think it is kind of pricey though.
  16. kl could you recommend a good pomade?
  17. I use GW Putty, a pliable fiber putty for hold, and mix in some STIFF @#!% Wired Extreme Putty and it mimiks a pomade.

    What it reall comes down to is personal choice and putting products together like a puzzle. I shop at drug stores and open the containers to see the consistance, I don't stick my fingers in though. Look for one that claims good hold, that is where I use GW Putty in a white and red tub, and then for the wet look, add a product that claims shine. I mix mine about 50/50 in my hands before application.
  18. it really does take a while to figgure out all the products out there. I have have the same cut for 5 years and have just settled on products in the past year.

    When you are at the salon, ask them "What should I use for *insert your hair need here* and then when they tell and show you make mental notes. I always say, "ok thanks, I'm going to use up what I have now before I try them". Go directly to the drug store and hopefully there is a good cosmetics girl in and she helps you. I don't buy the salon products cause to me, they cost too much and I have found alternatives.
  19. Ever try American Crew pomade? It washes out easily. I also like Redken Rewind styling paste.

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