good but unscented creams?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by TonyBrown, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. who's got a good one??
  2. AOS Unscented. It beats out any unscented shaving cream or soap out there. I'm glad I still have a tub of the old formula.
  3. meh..unscented is me its all the same ;-)
  4. My tub of Spencer & Devon shave cream is really really nice. They have an unscented version.
  5. Not sure what to tell you... Are you looking for something that has no scent whatsoever, or something sans fragrances?
  6. something that is sans fragrance, along the lines of AoS unscented, which I have used and like, just don't wanna pay AoS prices if I don't have to, but I will if that's what it takes.
  7. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    KMF unscented
  8. Omp


    eShave fragrance free. Fantastic lather and performer.
  9. +1
  10. It's hard to beat KMF on a $/oz*performance front.
  11. Gentlemen's Refinery is good, but expensive.
  12. TOBS sensitive skin.
  13. Real shaving company is unscented but has a very light scent from the ingredients. Sniff it at the store before buying to see if it bothers you. Otherwise, you'd be be hard pressed to find a good cream cheaper than KMF unscented.
  14. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    T&H Ultimate Comfort is almost unscented with just a very, very light hint of Lavender. And it's fantastic.
  15. I'd agree with Marco on the T&H ultimate comfort, I really liked the sample of it that I tried, and it has a very light scent.
  16. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but the Xpec cream is reputed to be good and they have an unscented version

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