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  1. I saw one of those today in an antique store. The Aristocrats are all gold, right? It was in its box and the store had also put a regular silver slim adjustable with it. They were asking $40 for both. Should I have gone for it? Both were in pretty amazing shape, and none of the finish seemed to be missing.

    It's ridiculous, but I know everyone here understands. I have purchased 13 razors so far. I have not paid a lot, but still.
  2. maxman

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    I've been looking high and low for one of those.
    I definitely would have bought it.
  3. I paid a bit more than that for a excellent condition Adjustable Aristocrat with a couple specks of plating loss.

    That would be a very respectable deal for two regular Slims, much less a Slim and an Aristocrat.
  4. Price seems reasonable.
  5. Considering I am cheap, I would have attempted to talk them down. But then, I have never paid over $18 for any of my razors. (And I don't like p-aying over $10).:lol:
  6. Someone kindly point me in the direction of a photo of this razor? I've seen many an Aristocrat but never an adjustable one.
  7. Mr. Scruffy

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    There's one here.

    Look at the last post in the thread.
  8. Bwaaaaahahahhaha!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Don't I feel stupid. I have no idea what I was thinking when I posted that. I've seen those. Durrrrrrrrr.
  9. [​IMG]

    Yep, that's the one. I figure with the silver slim adjustable to go along with it, I might just go back there tomorrow. And, the box was correct, just not shiny new.
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  10. garyg

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    This picture is not an Aristocrat, but the Executive, gold version of the Fat Boy
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  11. Umm, that's not an Aristocrat. That's a gold Fat Boy, also known as the Executive. You definitely should have bought that with the Slim for $40. Getting an Executive for $20 is stealing it, providing it's in pretty good shape.
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  12. No, I don't think I looked at that picture closely enough. I'm quite certain it was a gold slim adjustable (aka...Aristocrat?). I have two slim adjustables, and this was the same razor, only gold and in very good shape. Besides that, the box was an Aristocrat box.

    I guess now I have something else to search for:001_smile.
  13. Mr. Scruffy

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    Did it look like this?

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  14. I gladly paid $35 (from a B&B member) last year for an Aristocrat Adjustable in Excellent condition . . . so $40 with a Slim thrown in for a spare is a very good deal!!

    I found that mine shaves better than any Slim that I ever tried. It immediately became my favorite Gillette. A few months later, I bought an Executive and found that it, too, shaves better than a Fat Boy! I have heard that the gold versions of Gillettes were made to tighter tolerances . . . but I don't know that for certain.

    Does anybody know if in fact there was a difference besides the plating?
  15. maxman

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    I like my Fat Boy better than my Executive. It just goes to show you that everyone's different.

    Give in to your RAD, the razors are calling to you....
  16. Yep, that was it. Now I know the box was correct too.

    Well, I guess I'll have to go back and get it. I guess in the scheme of things this is one of the cheaper things I could collect.
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  17. maxman

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    Next up....Fountain Pens.....:drool:

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