God bless TEXAS!

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  1. found a neat old barber shop near me owned by the grandson of the original owner. real old and real cool. neat sign made of about 39 razors we will never be able to collect lol. going back for a shave when I get time.

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  2. If the grandson has seen recent prices on eBay, he might want to take that sign apart.
  3. Mr. Scruffy

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    Richmond is right down the road and not too far...
  4. guy says he will shave you with your own. He uses shavette or however you spell it.
  5. Hello from another Texan.

    Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing. Neat looking place.
  6. Legion

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    Neat! That sign makes me squirm a little though. I have to admit it.
  7. very cool sign
  8. Hopefully they used not-so-nice razors on that sign, it'd be a shame if some real gems were up there never to shave again. But, it's a nice theme so I have no problem with it. Interesting that they'll shave you with your own razor if you want. I wonder how often they get taken up on that? Seems to me that a guy with his own straight probably does his own shaving with it too, but options are always better than not having options.

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