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  1. turkey season is apon us here in the midwest and I can not wait! im going to be looking into some gear, anybody have suggestions on a good product this will be my first tom hunt very excited. I will be using my remington 887 with a hornady heavy turkey loads. I will be looking into a nice optic (maybe) and new camo because I only own cold weather camo.
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  2. You've got a lot of fun coming up, not to count getting in some good turkey hunting!! I love turkey hunting as well, but pheasant will always be my absolute favorite. Do you use mouth calls, boxes or slates?
  3. This upcoming season could develop differently, since winter in the midwest has been very mild and future temperatures could be warmer than normal. The hens might lay eggs early.
  4. I am glad that this year I have the first weekend open in WI. I am worried about the warmer weather. My only suggestion is to have a great rain suit. I wear mine the entire hunt to keep the bugs and weather off me.
  5. Starts up next week for us in South Texas. I need to get the bow out and get some practice in.
  6. I just picked up a primos 3 peace caller set with two mouth callers and a slate caller they sound great just have to work on my mouth calls a little more. I have been doing some reading about the area we hunt and it looks like a while back they were over run with turkey and had an issue and have slowly been trying to control it but still have a nice population around which makes me very happy to hear. I know i have seen a bunch during deer season so it should all go well. I just have a few more odds and ends to pick up hit the range once or twice and ill be set and ready.

    1369- how is the hunting down in texas I watch allot of hunting shows and they always go to these ranches in texas and the deer are smaller in size then up here but man they have some amazing racks. I will be looking into a trophy hunt soon and texas is in my top 5 places to look into
  7. I finally got my first tom last season, got to go on some pretty darn fun hunts later in the season as well with my dad and brother.

    As far as camo goes, I use the same stuff I use deer hunting (a mix of Realtree AP, some Mossy Oak, and "whatever"). The main thing is not to move, it is by far the biggest turkey hunt destroyer.
  8. The Tennessee season opens March 31, but I will be out of town. I need to make the second weekend as I have a feeling it may be a short peak season because of the warm weather.

  9. Yea, the deer are considerably smaller for the most part with the exception of the "brush country" which is south of San Antonio. The thing about the racks is that about 95%+ of land for hunting here is privately owned and since bigger racks means bigger dollars, the heavy emphasis on herd management. Any ranches in particular you looking at?
  10. I'll probably go back to the family land in KS to hunt turkey for the first time in 3-4 years. I just wear old camo fatigues with a homemade facemask, mouth calls, and an old 20ga. pump gun I've had for 35 years shooting 5 shot turkey loads and a turkey choke. I dropped some Tru-glo firesite fiber optics on it a couple of years ago and that helped a bit.

    One thing I can recommend more than anything is to go and pattern your gun. Finds your max distance with the loads you are shooting and if your gun happens to pattern more in one direction (left or right, up or down) than center. My gun actually patterns a little left and low with the turkey choke, so I was able to compensate for that with the sights. I also found out my gun patterns better with 5 shot than 4 or 6.

    Good luck with your hunting everyone!!!
  11. i have not looked into specific ranches yet, I have been looking at seasons and different packages and time frames. I would like to narrow it down to an area first then go more into detail. I have time my hunting buddy is getting married in oct of this year so he will not be going anywhere until at least next year. I have just seen and heard allot of great things about texas.
  12. well just got back from my hunt and sad to say we did not take anything in. There were some nice size toms and one massive tom that was taunting me the whole time we were hunting just out of my reach! The land we were hunting on is freshly purchased and has nothing really to offer the game (food wise) so we are going to be planting this summer allot of wild life goes through this land so if we can get them to stay next year should bring better out comes. Still it was a great time huning out with friends enjoying nature and seeing some awsome wild life running around, I will just have to look forward to deer season
  13. Day two of Maine's spring season. So far lots of gobbling, little action. I really think our early spring has a lot of them henned up. I'll be back at it tomorrow.
  14. good luck! yeah same here allot of looking for food they were not that interested in mating. enjoy and hope you get one.
  15. Friend of mine in Ontario finally got her first Tom after a good ten years of trying. She says, "It was delicious!"
  16. geese 10 years thats dedication lol. now I dont feel so bad
  17. She first started chasing turkeys when she still lived here in Ohio. That's one woman who has spent more time in the field chasing various game species than most guys. We would start with the first game species that came into season Sept 1st (usually waterfowl) and end the run the last day of February chasing grouse. Trouble was, by the time turkey season rolled around we were busy with our fly rods. So early scouting for turkeys suffered.
  18. Another wet, dreary, morning with very little gobbling. Saw a baby red fox though. Very cute........in a manly way of course.

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