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  1. so i logged off B&B for a week so my wallet could take a break while all sorts of goodies were arriving at the front door. I also started a new job and used that opportunity to give straights a chance :w00t:. I picked up a GD108 here. The first time was quite nerve wracking in the beginning, but got some confidence a couple strokes into the shave and the second time was more graceful. Maybe my angles were off, but the shave was more like CCS with some stubble. It took some slight effort to get the blade moving.

    i did get some slights non-action cuts, but nothing crazy. I had to put some music on (with the bathroom fan on too) to get the sound of my family drowned out so as to focus.
  2. first attempt 7/17

    WTG and XTG





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  3. second attempt 7/18

    many passes, WTG, XTG, and ATG






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  4. interestingly, the razor "burn" was quite different. while it wasn't red or apparent, i could definitely feel it.
  5. BTW, i practiced for a bit using the back end of my butter knife. :thumbup:

  6. Congrats on your first attempts...they look better than mine did!
  7. That looks like a fine set of shaves to me:w00t:. Congratulations you are doing great!
  8. Thanks guys, I found it was easier to shave off a 1/2 to 1 day's growth on the second try than the 2 1/2 days for the first.

    I proceeded to hack up my neck last nite with a way past it's prime walmart personna so i am gonna let my skin rest a bit before another shot with the GD108.

    One question though, the GD108 seems too light for my liking. Anyone have any comment on straight razor heft? is there a big difference between brands, scales, etc? I held "crown&sword?" 5/8 straight and it felt similar in weight.
  9. Well I only have two razors that I have shaved with so far one is a biggish 6/8 and in comparaison the other, a 5/8 looks flimsy and lightweight. The difference in how they shave is huge. That is another aspect of straight shaving which makes it so nice.
  10. congratulations, looks like a stellar start, i only have three razors to compare and all of them of the 6/8 variety but can definitely say that the heavy weight of the trio is my favorite, though dont know if it just plain has a better blade? any way i can see myself seeking out the heavier offerings for any new purchases.
  11. Nicely done! You have had a great start so far! You are bolder than I posting closeup pictures of your shave, but it certainly makes for an interesting read and adds to the ambiance of your journal. I agree with the difference between the 5/8 and the 6/8, it is night and day for me, my 6/8 Wade and Butcher feels MUCH heftier and cuts through my stubble like a hot knife through buttah! Keep posting, there's a bit of a learning curve ahead but looks like you have a great attitude! :thumbup:
  12. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Excellent work! Some stubble might remain but the shave will become closer and closer with experience and practice!
  13. 3rd Shave - Aug 01 2010

    I have been to busy or tired to give the necessary time to my 3rd shave since I wanted to get in a stropping as well as, and had no prior experience and needed to some research.

    So i practiced stropping on the starshaving strop with that butter knife to get the motion/feeling down and i totally understand where the nicks and cuts can come from. I then proceeded to strop the razor on the leather about 40x and then wool felt about 15x. I kinda lost track as I was focusing on technique.

    I then proceeded to shave.
    GD108, Shea Moisture Brush, Old Spice Musk cream.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    The shave was neither bad nor great. It was less than CCS, but consistent.

    the area where i cut? myself seems to be a very sensitive area.

    I did 3 varying passes trying to figure out if my angle was too acute since I started by keeping the spine close to the skin. on other passed I moved it a bit away to change the angle. I still had a bunch of super short stubble.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    It looks like you are applying too much pressure to me.

    For stropping, it's the other way around, linen first and then leather. I usually do 30 linen, 60 leather.
  15. after reading a recent post here about not applying too much pressure, i tried to lighten up a bunch, but i couldn't get the blade to move through my beard at all. I tried this with both hands, multiple areas, multiple times. Needless to say it wasn't like moving through warm butter.

    I actually finished with some leather stropping, so leather, felt, leather (but minimal maybe about 10x).

    I didn't go over my beard with a DE to clean it up, so I'll plenty new growth to try again tonite.

    If anyone thinks a closeup of one of those pictures will better depict what I may be doing wrong. they will be attached, although the lighting in the bathroom with the droid autolighting and flash probably isn't the best.
  16. and just for kicks, here is an altered photo comparison that highlights some of my handiwork.

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    It's not pressure itself that you need. You need a bit of pressure to keep the blade on your face and shave the whiskers but, a firm grip is more important.

    I would strop on linen then leather, leather is for the finish, the more laps on leather, the smoother the blade.
  18. So i stropped again finishing with leather for quite a bit and it seemed much more sharp.

    and i tried to let up on the pressure, and had mildly better results. the 3rd shave i think i only did NS and SN, and this time I added in a left-right pass and way more beard started coming off. i got a couple of nicks and a shallow slice from just trying to maneuver the blade, but it was a good shave in the end. Much better than number 3 in many ways regardless of the blood.

    towards the end, i fet i was using way less pressure, but it also seems that there probably wasn't much beard left.

    no pics this time, it was very late and i needed to let the slice clot.
  19. Just hang in there, it will get better.
    It takes time, but like all great skills it's worth it.
  20. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Sometimes, 2-3 laps make all the difference!

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