Glillette New long comb vs New short comb

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  1. Is the long comb New more agressive than the short comb New? Which is the better shaver in you opinion?
  2. I have a Long Comb and a Deluxe Short Comb...and I really am hard-pressed to tell any real difference between them, other than the fact that the Long Comb is my view, of course. They seem to shave identically.
  3. That's a tough one.. I find that both long comb and short comb deliver an excellent shave. If I was hard pressed to choose only one of the two I would go for the short comb. YMMV
  4. Like them both. I have not found any appreciable difference in performance.
  5. I believe I've seen some say that the short comb is milder. I like both and find the difference quite small, probably insignificant.

    But worth pointing out that "milder" doesn't mean ineffective. I'm discovering more merits with time in the razors commonly seen as mild. I can manage the "aggressive" ones fine but either can give an equally close shave IMO, with appropriate changes to technique, sometimes meaning more strokes. I find that I can shave faster with slightly milder razors, and with less risk. That wasn't my initial impression, but my perceptions are changing.

    - Bill
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