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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by JoshuaNY, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I was at my local Indian Grocer today looking to see if they had Godrej shaving cream. I ran across these two OS aftershaves. Both of them are in glass bottles so thats kool. I always prefer the glass to the plastic, pretty much in any liquid I have encountered.

    The musk one is a product from Shulton so obviously that one is the original musk formula.
    However, the regular scent is from Proctor & Gamble, but I have never seen this bottle before. I did a google search and did not see one like it. It also has a gray topper instead of the red that I seen on the plastic bottle. Could it be NOS or just the new P&G formula in a glass bottle marketed for Indian Grocers?

    Thanks gents.
  2. Darnit! Now I have more stores to visit! Indian stores here I come!

  3. Hello,

    The P&G bottle to me looks a lot like a Canadian version (notice the dual language on the bottle). That style logo was what I saw on store shelves right before they made the transition to the plastic bottles with the traditional clipper ship in red motif. Where was the P&G juice manufactured? I dare say it says Toronto?
  4. Kool. Thanks Rybot. Ill have to take a look at it again, I didnt read past where it said P&G. Either way im glad I got a glass bottle

    Matt I found it at Patel Brothers, not sure if theres one by you.
  5. Where on LI is the store located?
  6. Well I checked it the day after you wrote this. But unfortunatle B&B went down.
    The bottle in questions indeed was made in Toronto. Still a good looking bottle.

    Would it be the old formula since it is in glass or the new. I didnt do a side by side smell test.
  7. It is a Patel Brothers. It is located in hicksville. Check the link here

    They have various locations, theres at least one in NYC also. They had the two glass Old spices, as well as Godrej Menthol, Deluxe, Lime and Dettol Menthol.
  8. The glass P&G bottle is what they sold prior to going to the plastic bottle. I have three of them. Here's one of mine.

  9. Hey JoshuaNY. Sorry to say (or maybe not), the juice in your "new style" bottle is the P&G formulation, that is, the new one. HOWEVER. I have heard that the OS in the new plastic bottles is even different than the formulation in the previous glass bottle. I'm not sure, since the newest OS I have is the glass bottle identical to yours.

    That said, I associate most strongly with mid 90s OS, which most would still consider to be the new P&G formulation. Off the cuff I'd say the old (Shulton) formulation went extinct in the US and Canada in the early 90s.

    The Indian Shulton bottles, like the one you have, are said to smell fairly spot-on for the old OS formula. I'm sure if you did a smell test with Indian OS and your new bottle, they would be different.
  10. Thanks Rybot. As I am 29, I didnt start shaving until the late 90's. So I never used the old formula. Then again, I didnt buy old spice until I saw it in the glass bottle. Figured it was kool enough for a purchase.

    The only experience I have with OS is my dad. He has used it as long as I have known him. So I wouldn't be able to tell the difference based on that. Still a cool bottle, worth the price.
  11. Totally man, I'm with ya, 28 myself. Had no idea that there were more than one OS etc. Like you, the only reason I wanted to use the old time scents was because of my own dad. He used OS, Aqua Velva, and Brut. Those remain some of my favourites, as well as Skin Bracer. :)
  12. Every bottle of Old Spice I have ever owned has been in glass. Every time I read or hear that they went to plastic bottles it blows my mind the would cheapen their product and abandon tradition.
  13. Tradition doesnt seem to mean much to the owners of OS these days, the plastic bottles are a perfect fit with their new marketing campaign. Happy to have a few of the old glass bottles on the shelf though.
  14. Dave_D I've made it my mission to replace any and all of my cheap, tacky plastic bottles with glass - Originals if I can find them. So far I've scored with vintage OS, AV, Brut, and Skin Bracer.

    Which OS glass did I choose? Why, the one I grew up with:

  15. A few years back I snagged a few of the P&G OS AS bottles in glass. They switched over to plastic afterwards, I don't know if the formula in the glass bottle is different from the current formula in the plastic bottle.

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