Giving the Chemex a shot

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by huntmol, May 15, 2010.

  1. Ordered one of these a few days ago, it should arrive pretty soon. I currently use a french press, but I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Anyone used a Chemex before? Any thoughts?

  2. Have had one for years and use it regularly. One of the best cups of coffee going, IMO. Two things - don't grind the coffee too fine (will clog the filter) and don't let the grounds run dry as you are brewing.
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    Used one for 30 years. Well not he same one..... Only coffee brewer I have had. As Si said watch your grind sizes and experiment... The Chemex non bleached filters are the best IMHO
  5. Uh, oh. Are they really fragile? I figured they'd be made of fairly thick Pyrex or something like that. I can be a klutz sometimes...
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    I dropped a full 2.5 qt glass water kettle on it from a height of about 4" and nothing happened. I also dropped it once onto the linoleum floor and it survived. But once I tipped it over on the countertop and it smashed. Twice it got crushed in the dish drainer because a pot had settled and moved some other things onto it slightly. Near as I can figure, the top is susceptible to inward and upward pressure--say, towards the apex that a pointed lid would make--but the rest stands up well. So it cracked when a dish or pot pressed inwards at the top, and it shattered when it fell over sideways, yet it survived a drop of 3 feet when it landed on the bottom.

    For what it's worth, people say the hand blown ones are thicker glass, so they might be sturdier, but I haven't tried one yet. If this one breaks, my next might be a hand blown version.
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  7. Have had a chance to use it a few times - I'm seriously impressed with the results. Makes a really outstanding cup of coffee very consistently. I love the control over each specific variable in the brewing process. I think I'm hooked!
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    +1... especially for not letting the grounds go dry or get even close. The water temperature drops mighty fast if the water isn't significantly above the grinds.

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