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  1. Last year I stumbled across ginger beer in a little Ethiopian restaraunt in Madison Wisconsin while visiting the university, for a shooting competition. Over the summer I could only find one kind in town but it was a watered down overly sweet concoction. Today I found both cock & bull and goslings at the local supermarket. So far I've tried the c&b both straight and in a cablegram (thing strong whiskey sour plush ginger beer). It was phenomenal, but has me wondering are there any lovers among us? What are some good brands? I know of the Moscow mule and the dark and storm, but are there any other cocktails using it?
  2. I enjoy the occasional ginger beer shandy in the summer when it's warm. Half a pint of bitter and half a pint of ginger beer. Very refreshing but leaves serious scum on the glass!

  3. Canada Dry, Schweppes, Grace, Old Tyme, D & G, Golden Cockrel (may now be owned by Canada Dry), Bundaberg, Cock & Bull, Fentiman's, Barritt's (Caribbean favorite), Fever-Tree, Saranac, Regatta, Ithaca
  4. I like Reed's a lot.
  5. Blenheim extra hot for me. And Gosling's.
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    Bundaberg is my favorite.
  7. barritt's in a can is my favorite
  8. I still remember drinking my first Ginger Beer about 15 years ago, a Cock and Bull brand. It had a peppery aftertaste that blasted my sinuses open like nothing else. It was delicious, and quite a revelation after growing up on regular Ginger Ales.
  9. Oh wow, I was thinking about this stuff just a bit ago. I had one that, like Kaiser, basically kicked me in the face like few things have. Since then, I had ginger beer twice and it was sort of poor. I have avoided buying and trying others because it tends to be sold in the actual alcohol section of the local stores, and I really do not want to drink anything dealing with alcohol, and also I am quite ignorant to things made "hard" by adding alcohol for the sole purpose of marketing to adults, so I don't want to take chances.

    I think the last one might have been Reed's as it looks familiar, but not positive... I'll have to check around and see if I can find some locally to try. Since looking it up, some have .5% alcohol or so.. which is caused by some brands natural fermenting without extra yeast or anything added, but I see that some has 0. I will aim for those. This topic has come up at the right time. Thank you. :) Never thought I would find something I would enjoy in the Speakeasy.
  10. I've never had any Ginger Beer / Ginger Ale that I liked better than the Blenheim extra hot. Fantastic stuff with a very fresh ginger flavor.

    They also have a less intense version for those who can't handle the hot stuff.

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    I've been hearing good things about it for years but I've never been able to find it.
  12. I usually buy the Cock and Bull myself. But Reeds, Blue Sky, Sprecher are all good.

    New Amsterdam Gin and Ginger ale is a very refreshing drink in the summer.
  13. Bundaburg and Fever Tree for me. :)
  14. If you don't get little bits of ginger to chew, it isn't a proper ginger beer.

    I grew up drinking Schweppes Ginger Beer though I haven't seen any for twenty years or so. I've drunk almost any I find and criticize the ginger beer only after I've drunk it down and it can't be taken away. Meaning I am grateful for all I get. I've never mixed it with anything. To me that's kind of like contaminating a top quality Bourbon or Brandy; meaning it shouldn't be done as the drink is as good as it gets. There are plenty of other sodas and whiskey's available for mixing.

    Remember, mixed drinks became high fashion during the Prohibition period when mixed drinks were to mask or hide the poor taste of the basement/swamp brews.
  15. I like Reed's also. It's good and gingery, and I use it for the Dark and Stormy mixed with Goslings. I would love for my local grocery to stock more selection of ginger beers/ale
  16. Oh my. So many brands I have not heard of and now have to dig up!

    A couple years ago on vacation I had a Dark & Stormy at a bar that made their own ginger beer. Very cool.
  17. When I used to drink I copped sampler ginger beer packs from this bar supply website. If you're interested, I can probably go back and find it for you.
  18. Sure, I love ginger beer!
  19. Bundaberg is available at Costco for +- $1.00 per unit; good stuff.

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