Gillette Super Thin

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Pasha, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I just tried some of the super thin blades and it was very impressive. I had the ones made in Vietnam in orange package, not the Thai made ones. Does anyone know if there is any other brand current production super thin blade out there? Did a search and nothing came up.

    These are more expensive than the bargain basement variety (Derby/Astra) but at half the cost of 7 oclock blades, its a good value. As sharp but a bit more forgiving, especially around the neck area. I was able to go ATG with no tugging or pulling and didnt cut me at all. Usually I have to be more careful of angle and direction.
  2. I have used the Vietnam Thins. They are good blades but I find that Astra's, Crystals, Sharks, Red IP's, and Lord Plats are very similar in shave quality to the Thins and cheaper. YMMV
  3. The first shave is great but they really go downhill really fast. Kind of odd, never had a blade degrade like that before.
  4. The super thins are my go-to blade. I'm not sure if I have the Vietnam or Thai ones, but they shave well, whichever they are. Mid-priced and high-quality.
  5. If its Thai then the box is black and red, Viet thins are orange.

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