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  1. Good Evening Gents,

    IM not usually one to take note of blades too much, feather was my go to for a while until a friend kindly decided to send me a large sampler pack. Going through them, ive tried the 7 0 clock blacks, greens, polsilver, amongst others. Having a thick beard i shyed away from the "thin" blade due to its name however i gave it a go today and my goodness am i ever impressed, minimal irritation, VERY smooth face.. i am very very happy with this blade.. lets see how it does in the next 2 shaves (if it can handle it!!)

    I truly recommend you gents try this blade if you havent already , its very note worthy..

    thank you
  2. Did you get the Thai or Vietnamese thins?
  3. they are the same..china made the first blade..then outsourced to Thailand/Vietnam 5 years back maybe more....I had a friend send me one pack of Thai/Viet brand..they were EXACT of shaves..just packaging changed...unless you really notice one to the other in difference....YMMV
  4. I've never noticed a difference other than the branding on the package. Just wondering which one he tried.
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    They are nice blades. The packaging may be different, but they both shaved the same for me. Both are made in Shanghai.


    View attachment 298947


    For comparison here is a Shanghai made Super Gillette Blue Blade.

    Super Nacet also come from Shanghai.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. thank you for this info..

    I tried the vietnamese ones.. I honestly cant get over the shave of these blades still and its almost midnight.. lol!!

    easily replaced feather ... once my boxes are done ill be investing in these .. such a winner for me.. and my beard is a challenge..

    good to know that they are all the same, will make it easier to stock up..
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  7. Where do you buy these?
  8. here is one place

    and here another
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    I have 3 of the Vietnamese super thins that were PIF'd to me. If they work out as well for me as they have you, I'll have to put them onto the buy in bulk list once 2014 hits and my year restraint is over. lol Or try to trade for some to get me through a few months.
  10. nice..

    im going to see how many sh aves its good for , for my tough beard, will update the post
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    I'm one of those guys who toss a blade after 3 shaves on it, period. While some I use could get a few more with decent results, others won't, so to simplify, I know all of them get at least three. They are cheap enough I don't stress over it.

  12. Thanks Talal!
  13. the most i get if im really pushing it is 3, i usually do 1-2 shaves per blade (1 if its a feather).

    I agree with you they are so cheap compared to the old crappy cartridges i used to use i wouldn't mind using it 1 time even..
  14. The 'Vietnamese' Super Thin is indeed a very nice blade, like quite a few from Flying Eagle/Shanghai. A few years back there was discussion about the Thai vs. the Vietnamese blades and most that used both thought they were not the same but soon I can find out for myself as there are some Thais heading my way!
  15. please do let us know, for now im sticking with the vietnamese ones
  16. I like the Super Thin Platinum, New Stainless and New Improved Stainless.

    I've not tried the Blue's or Nacet's
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  17. my 2nd shave with the same blade today was good but not as impressive for sure. I wouldnt try a 3rd shave with it thats for certain.

    i have one more pack in my sampler ill give another go in a few weeks.

    I really liked that first shave though .. well worth it
  18. I have the Thai blades and they have become my go to blade. Sharp and smooth! I get 8 to 9 shaves from a blade. Other blades last me around 4 shaves so they are doing wonders for me. Highly recommended!!
  19. I tried my first Super Thin last week. I usually toss DE blades at 3-4 shaves. I'd read about people getting 7-8 shaves with these, so I took my first Super Thin to 7 days. And I was very impressed. I need to finish my 5-pack before deciding, but after 1 blade, I consider these some of the best current production DE blades I have tried.
  20. Shave_Rat

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    Ok, I'm breaking out one from my sampler and testing it tomorrow in my super adjustable. lol

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