Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip way milder than I thought.

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  1. This morning I changed up my razor from a 1968 Gillette slim adjustable to a 58 Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip and got a mild surprise.

    From reading on the forums I was told that the super speed was a mild razor. The shave-wiki had a copy of the super speed instructions and it said the razor was for normal beards. And my face is pretty normal. My slim at it's milder settings (1 to 4) were sometimes apt to produce nicks and weepers if I wasn't paying attention to my shave so I was hesitant to shave with the super speed and as I started my first pass I used a lot of the same technique I did with the slim. You know, let the weight of the razor cut the hair, hold it at the same angle, take your time, and so forth. But as the blade started cutting I found I needed to use more pressure and could use the thing almost like I did the Fusion cartridge razor I swore off.

    This was only the second DE razor I have tried and compared to that slim adjustable it's a very mild shaver indeed. I would imagine a feather blade would probably work much better in it than it would in the slim. I don't think I would put a sharp blade like a Feather in that slim.......ever.

    Oh, the blade is used for the super speed was a Wilkinson from Wally-world.

    So the moral of the story would be......never assume any razor is good or bad. Try them all out. It's fun and you just might surprise yourself! Happy shaving y'all.
  2. the beauty of the Slim is that you get to decide how aggressive you want it to be.

    I haven't used a Superspeed since I got my Slim, but agree that the Flare-tip 50s Superspeed is a pretty mild razor. Maybe equivalent to the Slim on 2 or 3?
  3. My daily shaver is a 55 Flare Tip, it works great for me.
  4. give yourself a couple more weeks or months and there will probably be a feather in that razor before you know it.
  5. I've heard a lot about the SS and have been contemplating getting one. From what I understand the red tip is supposed to be more aggressive and have been scouting for one of them. I don't have heavy or even average beard growth but I do prefer a more aggressive razor. When I do shave with my slim I usually go with a 5,7,9 for each pass.
  6. +1. I haven't used a feather yet in my Slim, but I've gone for the sharper blades to get practice (Gillette Yellow, Iridium Super, Personna Medical Prep) and have only seen good results. I think I'll try feather next. :thumbup:
  7. the soul patch area is the only difficult area to shave for me with it. besides that i get bss shave
  8. I did not love my Super Speed. I was never in danger of nicks or cuts, likewise I was in no danger of getting a close shave without excessive effort.
  9. I got just the opposite result after using my TV Special. It's a Super Speed and I had a Wilkinson. The first shave was aggressive and my fault for irritating the crap out of my skin. The second was with a Shark (with a good lubricating shave cream) and produced a great shave. Next, I'll try an Astra SP and expect nirvana.:drool:
  10. Ah, so I'm not the only one who doesn't get great results with a Super Speed. My 1953 SS just arrived this week, so I don't think I've thoroughly tested it yet, but the first three shaves were pretty poor. The only other razor I've used so far is an EJ DE89, but I get a much better shave with that one. Even tried the Personna Med Preps in the SS, but all that did was give me razor burn and still left a lot of dark stubble even after four passes. I think the SS is just too mild for some of us. I'll probably be switching back to my EJ.

  11. In never got good, close irritation free shaves with my black handle super speed, but using a slim on any setting between 2 and 4 is awesome. I dunno why, maybe it's the weight. I never liked my 40's style one much either, although admittedly it got swiped by my wife after like 2 uses.

    My beard is pretty sparse, but it must be tough because I get better shaves with less irritation with more aggressive razors. I've tried Techs and Superspeeds and their clones, and they just didn't live up to what my current top 4 can do.

    #1 Gillette Slim
    #2 Gem Pushbutton
    #3 Merkur HD
    #4 Leresche Old-Type clone

    I'm pretty sure I make the difference though- I probably just have worse technique with lighter razors.

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