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  1. Yesterday at a flea market, I picked up a 66 Super Speed. The guy asked me if I wanted some blades and I said sure. He went and dug around in a box in his booth and came back with these. They say Super Stainless Double Edge Blades, then on the container itself, says Super Silver. The package also says Made In England and apparently 5 blades sold for $0.89. I've been trying to decide whether or not to open them and try one. Anyone know anything about them?
  2. I have a card of these, and had the opportunity to try out one from a single pack.

    They are like most gillette blades from this era: incredible. If you like spoilers, you'll love these. I think these were a high end model from the era, especially due to their manufacture in England
  3. I'd use them, your face deserves the ultimate in pampering..
  4. I've found all of the NOS Gillette blades I've tried to be phenomenal blades. Withe the exception of the Super Thin I tried from around '64. Felt like a rusty can lid.:001_rolleProbably because these were carbon steel. The Stainless blades should shave like a dream. You'll be glad you tried them.:thumbup1:
  5. These were the UK equivalent of the Spoiler. The pack you have was grey-market imported by K-mart and put into the blister pack by them (note no Gillette logos on the blister pack itself).

    Grey-market importing of things like razor blades, batteries and film was a key strategy of K-mart in its prime.
  6. I've decided to give them a go. I've loaded the first one into my FatBoy and will give it a try tomorrow. My only apprehension is that up until now, the only blades I've used have been Wilkinson Swords from Walmart. If these are as good as I've read about them being on other threads, it may start a new AD, or at least compel me to buy a blade sampler.:biggrin1:
  7. If you're only experience is the wally wilks you may NOT want to try them :tongue_sm

    You're going to be blown away by the difference. These are better than ANY modern blade. But you should use them, your face deserves it. Keep in mind, they should last much longer than what you're using now.
  8. For normal current-production blades, I'll get 3-4 shaves. For these, I get 7-10.
    -- Chet
  9. Took the first blade for a spin this morning using it in my FatBoy. OMG what a difference. No pulling, no tugging, it sliced through my beard like it was made of paper.:w00t: I have a couple of areas of irritation, but that's carry over from yesterday's shave. I really wish they still made these. Looking at the date code from the blades, they were manufactured the 2nd quarter of 69. I have a Super Adjustable manufactured the 1st quarter of 69 that always gives me good shaves, tomorrow I think the two should meet.:thumbup1:
  10. You and everybody else here wishes those were still made. If only someobdy could make a blade to that standard today!
  11. Just had a shave with this blade, a super silver from the UK. FANTASTIC SHAVE.

    Too bad it's my only blade.
  12. My uncle says these are actually the best blade he has ever used. Nothing of the modern blades compares to them. I gave him a Super Iridium and a Yellow 7 o'clock but he still says these old super silvers are better.
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  14. These older ones are fantastic [​IMG] (looks like that's what the OP has, whoops).

    And I think in some markets the super silvers were marketed as platinum plus, but always says 'super silver' and the blades are the same inside.
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    This blade ,along with the "blue blade" are the finest blades ever made.If you don't get the finest shave of your life,that means the blades are oxidized,which can happen to any blade that sees long term storage.These blades were what all others wanted to be...can't wait to hear your experience !
  16. Couldn't shave for a week after my first shave with the Super Silver. Had a second shave with the blade on the 7 day growth. Smooth, effortless. If there is a modern equivalent of these blades I'd like to know what they are.
  17. There isn't one that I've found. Current 'Gillette Platinum' are the closest, but they are still not as good.
  18. There are still Gillette Super Silver blades in the orange cardboard boxes. They are russian and considered very very bad. There is actually a theory that these were sold in the Netherlands to steer people away from DE shaving. That being said, I get a few very decent shaves out of each blade and they aren't too rough on the face either.
  19. I have about 120 of the English Super Silvers and was lucky enough to get over 100 of the English Platinums as well. Amazing blades.

    I don't know why the orange card Super Silvers have the bad reputation they seem to; although they are the worst of the Super Silvers, I still find them to be a good quality blade. I got my five-pack when I exchanged some blades with Xillion some years ago. I still have three left.

    I have about 150 of the blue-card Super Silvers with a Berlin address, which should last me for three years.
  20. True, I have read much the same from forums from around the world concerning the orange box Super Silver blades. It's a good idea to bring it up every so often, because nobody has ever said that particular version is good or great. Never tried it, thankfully. :001_smile

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