Gillette Super Platinum (Blacks)

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  1. Just curious to see if anyone else uses these fantastic blades? I've been using them for my last few shaves in my 23c and these blades have given me the smoothest, most irritation free shaves to date. I had previously been using Iridiums and thought it could not get much better than that, but the blacks proved me wrong. I think these will be my go to blades for the time being. I'm curious to see how these have worked for others.
  2. I've tried them in my Super Speeds (regular flare and red tip)

    To be honest I didn't find anything remarkable about them, They're a good blade but don't work as well for me in the smoothness/comfort department as say - Astra Platinum, Blue Bird or Gillette Super Thin.
  3. Love the blade! :001_tt1: It's one of my favorites along with the Gillette Yellow Russians! IMO....those Gillette Black Indian's are super sharp and you get a nice comfortable shave with very little to no pressure.

    These blades have been in my rotation for some time and I'm amazed at the quality and consistency of each blade. I hope they continue to make the Black Indian's.

    Tutti Frutti, Cheers :thumbup1::laugh::thumbup1:
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    They are a favorite. I tried 11 other brands when starting out before trying these, and they were the beat combination of sharp and smooth I tried. I have since found two others that work well for me, but the black 7 O'Clocks are my favorites.
  5. Aka The Black Ninja? Nice to hear they shave well.
  6. Super smooth shave in my 37C HD Slant.

  7. I didn't feel any difference between the 7 O'Clocks Super Platinum from India (black) and the 7 O'Clocks Stainless Steel (green) blades from Russia. I did think the Super Platinums would be a little smoother. Mind you, they both shaved quite well.
  8. I'm using one in my EJ87 and getting fantastic shaves.
  9. I use them in my R41 and can't add anything that hasn't been said above, they're my favourite blade.
  10. Not my favourite blade, but a good one.
  11. To me they are the best blades in terms of sharpness, smoothness and longetivity, even compared to a feather.

    Soon I will be selling them, so in the interest of BST rules, I will stop pushing the product !:wink2:
  12. What about the Green Indian Gillette 7 O'clocks? Will you be selling those as well?
  13. yes
    All Indian 7 O'Clocks, Gillette Wilkinson versions, Super Max, Indian shave creams, Godrej soaps, Old Spice AS and creams...
  14. Got some in the den...will have to try them.
  15. These are my favorite blade as well. Sharp, smooth, consistent, and good longevity. Out of the 12 plus blades I've tried, these "black ninjas" are my fav.
  16. I must be just unlucky with these blades because I've tried them twice now and I've been pretty disappointed both times.
  17. First 2 shaves were great - BBS in 2 passes. Shaves 3 and 4 were DFS with noticeable 5 o'clock shadow. Still a smooth blade though, but IMO the Feathers and Bluebirds go longer and are just as smooth - but that's just me each day doing 2 passes WTG in a late-40's SuperSpeed; that's just how I roll. :001_cool:
  18. Not on your own -

    Following all the comments above I re-visited these for the last 2 mornings, from a new pack in a Red Tip SS.
    Again while the end result was a DFS,I could not describe the shave as particularly smooth or comfortable

    (A classic case of YMMV !)
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