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  1. Can any of the Gillette experts tell me anything about this razor. It looks like a Gillette Single Ring Old type razor. Not sure what plating it is? seems like silver since it cleaned up pretty nice. It has a patent Nov15, 1904 and # of A353450 on the barrel

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  2. Well the date code places it's make in 1908. I'm not sure 100% about the plating on these myself however I do believe it is silver as the one i bought was kinda black tarnished silver that I then needed to polish. Mine is a 1905 but it looks the same all shined up.
  3. thx
  4. I have a Single Ring PAT NOV 15:04 with no H729396.
    Does any of this identify the year it was made?
  5. I have seen the link to dating information but not clear if that makes mine 1906 or 1918.
  6. The H prefix would clearly place it as a 1918.
  7. How does it shave?
  8. Light, nimble, gives an excellent shave.
  9. Rapidly growing to love these ancient Gillettes. Just bought my 6th Single Ring (another 1911, to add to a 1912, a 1910, another 1911 and one as yet unknown year- but it's coming in a case like a Double Ring, so I suspect it's a 1906!, plus another in a Travel Set, also unknown year), and have one Double. I suspect if/when I cut back on rotating, I'll settle in to using these the most.
  10. Have any of you seen one of these old gillettes come in a metal travel case. The case has a hole for the razor and blades. I have not seen one of these cases before and just picked one up. The number on the razor starts with an A.
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    Can you post a picture?
    It's much easier to ID from a picture than a description
  12. Yes, at least one Single Ring model came in a metal case, the Model 460-B. But we can't make an ID without a photo.

  13. Here are some pics. It looks like the date is 1908 and the razor is in excellent condition.


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    That is a case made by the Posterity Company, circa about 1910. The Gillette did not come with that case, though it appears to be a nice set up.
    I am not certain whether these cases were sold with a different razor included, or if they were made to fit the Gillettes as an aftermarket item.
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  15. Thanks for the info. It fits the razor perfectly so I assume it was made for these.
  16. I really like that case. Holds the razor, a pack of blades and looks like a used blade slot on the other side? And removable insert to empty? Looks like it anyway. Neat.
  17. Is the razor marked Gillette under the head? I've seen one of these that looks identical to the Gillette, including a serial number on the stem and a patent date on the handle but no Gillette markings anywhere on it.
  18. It does not have gillette markings under the head but I am pretty sure that gillette developed the Gillette logo in 1908. So any gillette's before 1908 will not have the gillette marking and some of them in 1908 will. This razor does not have the markings but the number on the stem places it in 1908. Does anyone disagree??
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    I have a 1906 with no Logo or Gillette markings.
  20. I just picked up a Single Ring that has the Gillette logo under the head, but no markings otherwise I've found.

    Same question: what's the circa on this?

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