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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by gage0921, Nov 7, 2005.

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    I bought a gillette sensor to try out for traveling and for when my time is short but wasnt sure if I should get the regular sensors or sensor excell. Only diff. I could tell is the little rubber deals that are supposed to pull hair away from face.
  2. I'd stick with the regular Sensor, I've heard some bad tales about the Sensor Excell. I've never tried it myself (I have the reg Sensor) but I've read on some of these forums that the XL's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm sure others will chime in.
  3. gage0921

    gage0921 Moderator Emeritus

    Well I used the blade that came with the excell and received a wonderfull shave so im happy...will really work out when time is limited.
  4. I have a question about why you chose the sensor if you wanted a fast travel razor. What attributes did you like about it VS some of the other choices such as the M3 or Bic Metal.

    Tony Espo
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    Is price a big factor? What's the price difference between the Sensor and the M3?
  6. The Sensor is the best a man can get.

    The Sensor Excel is the bestest a man can get.

    And the Mach 3? Well, the Mach3 is the bestest-est a man can get.

    (And the blades get progressively more expensive-er.)
  7. And the Fusion...?

    We've run out of superlatives! It's too good for a man! We are unworthy!

    Back to sharpened rocks!
  8. sensor excell and sensor blades are handle compatible, i use to have a normal sensor and i used excell blades with it, the sensor 3 blades should also be handle compatible, unfortunatly, those are disposables, and we dont trust those, from what i hear, they tend to be of somewhat less quality then the replacemeble cartriges,
  9. IMO, the original Sensor is the best of the cartridge razors. However, I've found that the generic replacement blade cartridges manufactured by ASR are far superior to the Gillette cartridges. I suspect thet Gillette dulls-down their blades as new versions are intoduced to encourage users to trade up.

  10. Interestingly enough, I just purchased an original Sensor the other day - I wanted something for when I was in a rush and for when I fly w/o checking bags but I didn't want the 3 or 4 or 5 blade monsters. I'm interested to try it and see how it shaves after not using one for a long time.

    Interesting theory about Gillette dulling down their older blades as new models are introduced - I've often wondered about that myself.
    I guess the patents/licenses have expired on the Sensor head so other companies like ASR can make those now?
  11. Yes, the Sensor doesn't seem to scrape and drag as much as the M3 and Fusion.

    I think ASR has been through several patent disputes with Gillette. I believe they reverse engineer the cartridges in an attempt to avoid directly copying Gillettes patents.

  12. isnt one of the main points of DE shaving that the more blades on the cartrige, the more blades go over your skin without lubrication, the first one goes over the lather, the rest goes over bare skin, and also pulls the hair out and the next blade shaves the hair below the hair line, with that logic, more blades, faster shave but with more irritation and since the hair is cut below skin level, more chance of ingrown hairs,

    most people like the trac II as their cartrige razor, i had one, but made the mistake of using supermarket brand compatible blades, spending 30 minutes infront of the mirror scraping my face with a chunk of dull metal isnt my thing,
  13. There are two Sensor 3's - a 3-blade cartridge that fits all Sensor handles, and a disposable razor.
  14. Shouldn't that be more bestester a man can get?:biggrin:

  15. Sure, that's easy to say now, but when I was writing what I wrote before, there was no Fusion in sight.

    Now, knowing what we know, the Mach 3 is bestest-er, and the Fusion is the bestest-est.

    QUIZ: How many blades will be on the bestest-est-est-er razor?
  16. I've been very happy with the Personna Atra blades I get at Wal-Mart.

  17. As Count Floyd would have said: "Scary"
  18. Where can these blades be purchased?
    Thanks, Evan
  19. used the sensor and sensor excel for many years. I find that the fusion Power gives a better shave although it takes up more space.

    any of these will do an excellent job.
  20. it wouldnt be the first time a company sabotages a lower grade product to increase sales of its flagship product,

    i use to shave with a xtreme 3 metal handle, and i went on to the quattro, but since the quattro blades started to be a bit expencive for me (16 euros for 8 carts) i went back to the xtreme 3, and damn what damage did i do to my skin, i truly think that gillete and wilkinson dull up cartriges from older models to get you up to the "latest and greatest",

    personaly, i keep using a wilkinson product, but this one is from 1965 :)

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