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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by goby, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. I spent about $10.00 for an Old Type Open Comb. It isn't pretty, but it's in great condition.

    All I can say is .... Wow!!! It is a great razor, and shaves closer than any other razor I have tried, although I've only tried Superspeeds, SE, and my beloved Slim.

    So, on the "aggressive scale," how aggressive is it? And are there any other open combs I should try? Any any other lovers of the Gillette Old Type

    (Oh, and BTW, it's not on that B&B aggressive razor chart)
  2. I just picked one up off the bay. I was just this second looking at the before pics and thinking about putting it in the B/A thread. I love the shave it gives BUT I find it uncomfortable to grip. You would be advised to try a new and mine is the common bar type which I love. :thumbup1:
  3. I am a fan of all the Gillette open combs I have had the good fortune to shave with.
  4. So, would you so it's an "aggressive" razor?

    Have you tried a Merkur open comb? I've never tried a Merkur or modern razor.
  5. I'd say most of the open combs I've tried feel more aggressive than the typical safety bar razor. Old Type, NEW, NEW Improved, ABC Pocket, Sheraton...all good shavers and all seem to be more responsive to changes in angle than safety bar razors.

    I've only one modern razor, and it's a Parker safety bar TTO.

    When I started with a DE, I thought open comb razors were face slicers, and I was afraid of them. I think my technique was just bad.
  6. From what i've experienced, the "New" type open combs are essentially more aggressive than the "Old" because the blade doesn't rest on the comb, but above it. On the Old types, there is basically little to no blade gap except for the space between each tooth (where there is infinite blade gap). It protects you more from cutting at a bad angle so i find it very forgiving, but it leaves quite a bit of hair behind.
    I started DE with the Merkur OC, which is based on the Gillette Old type design.
  7. Have 3 open combs in my collection and they are rapidly becoming my favorites. Close and smooth shaves. I'm always looking at more on ebay.
  8. I, too, find the Old Types pretty forgiving. When I re-entered the wet shaving world about eight months ago, the open combs seemed pretty aggressive. I was just too heavy-handed with the technique.

    Now my favorite razors are open combs, with a well-used 1917 Single Ring Old Type being preferred above all others.

  9. Jumps up and down waving picture and shouting Me! Me! Try these! Try these!

  10. Sounds like open combs are for you. I prefer the open combs that the blade sits directly on the comb instead of the blade gap.
  11. nff


    what is that G on the left? the one with the rounded butt of the handle? because i have that exact razor. and i have no idea what it is besides being a canadian "Gillette"
  12. The Old types with the ball end were made from app 1920-1928 as per
  13. nff


    wow really? if you could tell me where your razor's manufacturing was. mine is apparently Canadian.
  14. Mine is stamped Made In USA.
    Check out
    Go to "razors" and then Old Type 1903. There are some Canadian models listed.
  15. +1
  16. That's interesting as I found my first shave with mine very very good but others that followed not so good. My New is out on loan to the new recruits currently but I sure missed it's Monday morning whisker whacking power!
  17. Double Rings, Single Rings and ABC Pocket Editions (all Old Types) are my favorite shavers.
  18. I must say, this is an older thread but I was doing some research. My new favorite razor is an open-comb. It's the 1934 Model Aristocrat with the barber pole handle. They aren't cheap and can be hard to find. I happened to run across one at a good will auction. I got it for about $20, cleaned it up very well, straightened a couple teeth, oiled it up, etc... Now it's my favorite razor by far. Love it. My style wasn't right for the open-comb for a while. It's a lighter, more careful method for me. But now, I just can't get the same shave in the same time with a fatboy or Super.
  19. i also love the OC vintage Gs a lot! my fav and closest shaves by a long shot.
    Currently have a 1924 New and a non-serial # ballend canadian that i think is from the 30s, I guess its a new.

    what makes the old differ from the new... if both were OC how do they compare? perhaps a dumb qustion.
  20. Mine is also a ball end open comb made in usa

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