Gillette New Vs Goodfella

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by kuzi16, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. i have a Gillette NEW Ball end that i like very much, but i was looking for something that has a more modern feel to it while keeping the style of that razor. this search led me to the Goodfella in Satin Black. i have never seen this guy in real life, just on a website. can anyone compare the Gillette NEW and the Goodfella so i can get an idea how they stack up ?

    i really like the way it looks, but i dont wanna pay money just for looks. it needs to shave well also.

    for the record, i also have a Merkur 38c (HD barber pole) that i learned on but i found it, in the long run, to be a bit heavy and therefore aggressive for me. the blades i use on the daily are feathers. i find that no matter what razor i use, there is too much drag unless i use the feathers. my soap list is short. i go back and forth between Tobac and Mitchell's Wool Fat. i think that should be all the info you may inquire about.

    thanks in advance
  2. Out of the two, with which I like them both, the Gillette absolutely rules, that's not to say the GF is no good, because it is super nice.
  3. thats good to know. maybe i wont get the goodfella.
  4. From my understanding the Goodfella is a very mild razor. I have used the NEW and it's pretty aggressive.
  5. Yes, the Goodfella is very mild. I just cannot get a good shave, no matter what blade I try. The angle of attack is very extreme with this razor. It is a razor I never use. I have been much happier with Merkur, Muhle and my open combe Gillette New. I, too, thought the 38C was heavy.

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