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  1. Okay this is a used, has not be replated at least not by me, it has a couple of scratches. This thing just looks bad, is bad and will make you cry like a little girl if you don't pay attention. This thing will teach you how to shave and if you don't listen and learn it will leave a mark or two or three :001_tt2:.

    Heres the deal I don't have pay pal so I am going to have to do some trading. I am looking for 50 gillette 7'oclock (greens (Stainless)) and 50 Gillette thins or 50 personna medical.

    Lets keep this to shipping in the US only. unless trader wants to pay for the international shipping.

    also please give sometime to respond.

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  2. I have the same and you are right, go easy with it. If you do it is BBS heaven and if you don't...

    A suggestion: Paypal expedites things and is easy to set up. It will also make your razor more marketable and I am sure if you had questions the guys here can help. It also sets you up to use it in the future with other sales and purchases. My two cents.
  3. +1
  4. Some people are ethically opposed to Paypal. I'm sure that the OP knows that Paypal is the preferred method of payment here, but he may not be inclined to use it.
  5. would this site benefit from the use of paypal?
  6. No. Its just the easiest way to send/receive payment for purchases. Its the norm which many have adopted for convenience purposes. It also helps keep track of sales and purchases for you.
  7. So why would I want to pay a third party that pays nothing to this site for the business that is genrated here that they would benefit from?
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