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  1. Gentlemen of the superior razor knowledge!

    I have two 'New' razors I think. One is the usual fatter handle and obviously a 'New', but the other has a thinner handle that I haven't seen before.

    Should I refer to this as a 'thin handled New'? - In a similar way to the Fat and Thin handled Techs

    Or is it something else entirely?

    Any advice greatly appreciated

  2. Well, those are both very collectible NEWs. The silver finish is quite rare, and the slim handle is rarer still. :smile:
  3. In Mr-razor's website, there are a few thin handled News, but all in gold. I remember someone had a silver one (although I don't remember if it was fat or thin handled).
    Anyway, mr-razor calls it thin handle, maybe there was a silver set.


    PS: this is just one model, there are a few.
  4. The thin bar handle (as opposed to the standard bar handle) NEWs are extremely scarce. Are those two of your replated razors that you pictured? You will also notice that the guard plates are different as the handle necks are different in diameter and the flat area between the groove line reflects the difference.
  5. I have a nickel plated thin handle new also, although my handle, while resembling the thin pictured above, is cast or machined - it's solid and heavy.
  6. Yep, indeed replated.

    Worn through to the copper when they came in.

    I was going to gold plate over the nickel but I think I'll just leave them as they are.

    Thanks for the help.

  7. This one isn't solid, I don't think - very similar weight to the fatter one.

  8. what made you not get gold plating?
  9. The original News etc were Gold plated directly onto a copper coating, so as proven by most examples found these days, the gold has usually worn off.

    So, I nickel plate first then I have the option of gold plating over the nickel - like newer gold plated ,Aristocrats, Executives etc

    It will last so much longer.

    OK, not as the original but longer lasting.

    Also, I'm just not a fan of gold plating on anything - I tend to go for white gold (Rhodium) or nickel, Chrome etc.

  10. Forgot to add that I actually just thought I was buying a really scruffy standard 'New' (on Ebay for $10) until I saw it in the flesh..
  11. glasgow has one of those for sale now. doesn't look like it's in quite as nice shape as yours.
  12. That's because he doesn't sell re-plated razors. He may have the gold and the silver slim variant.

  13. Indeed, but he does sell some very good examples. I've bought quite a few.

    I may just bid for the gold plated model, then I'd have both variants.


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