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  1. Good Morning;

    I was wondering if there is another handle that fits the Guard razor or if anyone sells a modified heavier one? Thanks

  2. I use the Gillette Guard myself, and quite enjoy how it shaves. However, the Gillette Guard is rather new to the market, and only being marked in India (and towards the poor population at that) so the likelihood of a fancy handle being introduced for it is very slim. Depending on what you might be willing to pay for such a handle, you might want to check with Cooncatbob (a vendor on this board) to see if he is interested in designing one.
  3. It is an effective tool - my gf's dad has been DE shaving all his life but has shaky hands and is not comfortable loading blades and stuff. He's used the Guard and likes it with reservations. My theory is a little more weight may be the key. I actually want a custom handle from Bob's Razor but need a Muhle head to fit, so may order a Muhle and use the head with a BRW handle and use the Muhle handle for him. The razor is cheap enough to buy a couple to play with and I have a guy with a machine shop we use for the cars at work. I know bob's stuff is beautiful but I feel like experimenting
  4. The design of the razor is quite simplistic, so I would be inclined to think a person with metal working experience could design it without too much trouble. Whether it would be cost prohibitive to pay them to design such a handle remains to be seen.
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    I have seen a picture of a Gillette Guard, it looks rather strange, what exactly is it?
  6. Not really strange at all. Think single blade disposable Bic type head as a replaceable cartridge system. I have one that I use sometimes for the heck of it. I like it! It doesn't shave super close, you have to use passes like with a DE. The flexible head makes moving it around the face much nicer. Also, you'd have to be pretty careless and rough to actually hurt yourself with it. It's very smooth and doesn't feel like a blade at all. I'll actually use it to touch up in a couple trouble spots sometimes after a DE shave because I can really get at the hair and not mess my face up like a DE would working at it that hard.
  7. SuperChris

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    Thanks for the info, I might pick one up for the trouble spots.
  8. It's a very simple but effective razor - got it from Italian Barber for something like $5. I don't think it's going to be too hard to snip the head off and drill in a threaded metal rod that can screw into a handle of a 3 piece. Is it cost effective? Not really... $20 mod on a $5 razor. But think about a nice EJ handle on this.
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    I'd buy a nicer handle if it existed, good idea!
  10. Sounds like a plan for a first try. I think it's hollow though. I vote if you've got the ability to metal work somethng, the ultimate goal should be to recreate the top of the handle where the cartridge snaps in out of metal. Afterall, it's just two flexible shafts that terminate with round pins for the cart to be secured in and that provide the head rotation. That would look really nice!
  11. I think I am going to be buying a couple of those razors off you real soon.
  12. I picked up one of the Gillette Guard razors and am on my third shave with it so far during the week (weekends I practice DE shaving). I think it was easier to shave with then my Atra (with Personna cartridge). A three pass shave (WTG, XTG, ATG) resulted in a very nice shave.
  13. I haven't got one (yet), so I'm not very familiar with it, but if the handle is hollow, would it be possible to open one end and simply insert a heavy metal rod? That way, the original handle becomes a little heftier.
  14. It's hollow, and it's not closed off, so the bottom is already open to do whatever modifications you like. I have heard of people gluing bbs, and so forth into it in the past. The problem, is that since this is a pivoting razor, the extra weight of the handle is not necessarily transferred to the cartridge head.

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