Gillette cartridge razors under assult by vintage DE razors

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  1. Interesting article thanks for posting!!!
  2. Awesome!Thats great we were mentioned on CNN Money.Hopefully more people will notice that traditional shaving is the way to go as an alternative to those overhyped expensive 6 blade skin peelers.:thumbup1:
  3. Now if only Feather would release how long their blades last, we could stop all of these guys chucking them after 2-3 shaves....

    Why does anyone need anyone to tell them how long a blade lasts when no one can tell any _one_ that?

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  4. +1 I think that may be a VMMV kinda thing
  5. I still see "Us" as a vocal minority. 45,000 members is nice but there are MILLIONS shaving with disposable cartridges.

    One can only imagine what some collectible vintage razors will be worth if even a fraction of those millions change over...

    Some of the collections I've seen in den photos posted here could become quite valuable.
  6. Wow, we might go from .00017% of the USA to .00018%!
    Vive la Difference!
  7. How long does a blade last? It's all relative to every beard type. Who cares as long as you have a great shave. Great article by the way. Nice to see a bit of insecurity in the the shave dominator and I'm happy their shares are down, it means some others are getting a slice of the pie and rightly so! Getting an actor to say the blade last a long time folks! Ha! Hollywood has a lot to answer for!
  8. I'm not sure DE shaving will become mainstream but I think that a lot more people will be picking up brushes and soap/cream. A few might take up DE but I doubt it will be such a substantial percentage. I got about four people to switch to shave soap, only one has a DE and said he doesn't use it all that much because of time concerns.
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  9. Yeah, most guys I mention it to always ask "how long will it take?" Time or lack of it, seems to be a major factor for most. I am even thinking of putting on a display in my town hall to see what happens.
    Shave in front of the people that attend and try and sway them. I will have a sexy female assistant hand out info leaflets with a list of the best vendors plus shaving tips and advice.
  10. Time is a factor Alejandro,

    I honestly have foregone my morning run to accommodate my shave and train at night. Sure it's a half hour extra added to my routine but that 30 minutes is a deal-breaker for a lot and that's ok. I'm gonna keep enjoying my shave, looking and feeling better and the rest can grumble through.
  11. Interesting article.
    Funny that they have a paragraph about Brett McKay using a safety razor, where form his quotes he is talking about a straight.
  12. Ah, economic factors do matter, don't they ? In Brasil, where cartridges are way more expensive compared to the average salary, they advertise how long blades last for a while now. Only they tell us up to 3 months! Does it mean that blades last longer as you travel south ? Or that they tell us what we want to hear ? Your guess is as good as mine...
  13. Hello to you in Brasil!
    They are trying to brainwash people all over the world. They think people are stupid, well we are not stupid and now a miracle has happened. It's called the internet! People from all walks of life can now be informed about large corporations and the tricks they use to make people buy their products! The shaving revolution has begun. People can have choice again and not Gillette choice, because one choice is not a choice!

    Cheers! A.
  14. Nice article, thanks for sharing!
  15. Nice plug for B&B. Wonder if we'll see an increase in membership. I thought we had more than 45K members? I remember the old site used to have the # of members. I can't seem to find it anymore.

    Edit - I found it 46076 is the total.
  16. I think that DE traditional shaving has the potential to come back in a big way.

    I agree time is a major factor in converting. But the feeling of my fresh shaved face without any irritation right now is bliss, so dont listen to me I am looking through rose colored glasses!
  17. 5 weeks from a fusion? I beg to differ...
  18. Only one problem. I hadn't used a Gillette product for years. Now I have blacks, blues, yellows, greens.....

    So the switch to DE has led to increased Gillette sales... Hmmmmmm.

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