Gillette Blue Blades - To use or not to use

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  1. I picked up a still sealed box of 20 Gillette Blue blades in dispenser. Does anyone here use these old blades still and how are the shaves compared to modern razor blades. I am debating whether or not to open it up and try them out.
  2. I wouldn't. I think most users will chime in and say that these are essentially unusable. But of course, if you're really curious you should give them a try. I think you will find them worse than the dullest DE blade you've ever tried, but thats just my opinion
  3. I've been wondering the same thing. Are these vintage blades rare enough that they shouldn't be used, but only collected?

    Also, if the carbon steel oxidizes to some (even if small) degree while just sitting idle and aging, might that degrade the blade edge enough to make them poor performers?
  4. I wouldn't say they are rare. I see them all the time. If they were useable, and actually phenomenal, like the 60's-80's gillette blades, people would be buying them left and right at high prices. The fact that they sit around forever on ebay speaks volumes about them in my opinion.

    I think the fact that they are carbon blades has something to do with that. Perhaps these were much better "back in the day." But now, I think ANY blade you can buy would be better.

    I think the packs with King Gillette on them look pretty cool, but other than that, they don't really have much "value"
  5. I see Blue Blades all the time in the antique stores. I've even seen a box of 100 for sale. They're not that rare.

    I've got a few packs and I'll try them out eventually, barring rust issues. My understanding is that they're a different shaving experience...and that one should learn the "Gillette Slide" in order to get the most out of them.

    Mantic59 has an "Advanced Shaving Techniques" video that demonstrates how to do the Slide.
  6. I don't think they are very rare. I have a couple packs that were throw-ins from auctions I won on the Bay. I haven't used them since I've heard they aren't all that great. They look pretty, so I keep them around to put in pictures of shave gear to complete the "vintage" look. If you want to use them I'd say go for it, but don't expect much. That's actually a good thing, because you don't want your favorite blade to be one that is no longer produced!
  7. Ahh, your supposed to tell me its the ultimate shaving experience!
  8. +1

    I have a few & I tried one on a whim. It felt like I was shaving with a really dull blade. Like...take the worst blade you've used - use it a few times, draw it across some 80 grit sandpaper. THEN shave with it. That's what it felt like...

    I made one pass, and took it out and put it into the blade bank. Next thing I did was grab the styptic.
  9. maxman

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    They're best in a collection.
    I've got about 12 boxes and they look nice with the razors.
    Blue blades and Super blue blades.
  10. Well, you can stick it in a Gillette Old Type for the ultimate VINTAGE shaving experience! :001_smile
  11. I have some vintage SE blades for the curious at heart:lol:
  12. If they are pristine, they could be good blades. Carbon blades are a different experience and an acquired taste.

    If you try them, make sure that you prep very well, make short, unhurried, deliberate strokes with a light delicate touch. I get two, sometimes three shaves with the Blue blades and/or SuperBlue blades. The SuperBlues are a better blade --noticeably sharper, and with the edge coatings much smoother, too. But the SuperBlues don't last any longer than the Blues. Both deteriorate quickly.

    -- John Gehman
  13. I am glad that I did not go on a blade buying streak at this place. There were so many different types of blades. A few completely unused display packs (100 blades?) of different brands.
  14. I have some pal "hollow ground" blades I tried.I made it about an inch down my side burn and understood why my dad said those old razors are junk!That blade felt like it was pulling the hair out not cutting it.Got a little better result out of a gillette thin blade.Still not good though.
  15. Use them up so that you can increase your blade knowledge!
  16. It is the ultimate shaving experience...if you like severe hemorrhaging.:cursing:
  17. That is correct Bro. And yes, the "Gillette Slide" helps.
  18. With a lot of 25 NOS Wilkinsons purchased on eBay, there came a dispenser of Blues, early '50's vintage, two dispensers of Super Blues, and a 10-pack of Gillette Thins, I-1(1963).

    The Blues were a hit or miss. Two decent shaves out of one, less than one shave from another. Super Blues from one dispenser were good for one tolerable shave, not so the other dispenser. Best results were from the Thins, which are good for one smooth, decent shave.
  19. My main stay DE blades are currently Gillette Yellow, Derby Extra & Israeli with a batch of Wilkinson Classic in the post.

    Attached a photo of some odds and ends. I'm curious to say the least to try out those two old Gillette 'Blue blades' but have to think the Gillette 'Stainless' and 'Super thin' will probably be the only blades with any life left in them.

    However I'm a stubborn fool by nature so probably will try out those old blades if they are not rusty to the eye.
  20. Yup, fools rush in. I dug out my Merkur Futur dialled that baby up to six and after one pass i had to put the other blue blade in (they are actually blue). Some tug for sure, no weepers, BBS on my cheeks with a WTG & ATG passes. Chin and upper lip poor results, would not do this again and definitely wouldn't recommend shaving with a Gillette blue unless you used up your worst double edge blades first and the shave apocalypse has arrived....
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