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    So, since it's sometimes tricky to transport DE blades when traveling, I've decided to give my grandpa's Gillette Atra handle a spin. Seeing that one can still purchase cartridges at a typical drugstore, and that other brands make compatible cartridges (personna for sure, and i believe rite-aid, perhaps walgreens too?), and since even the Gillette-branded cartridges cost about HALF of what their Mach 3 ones cost, it seemed logical. Plus, the embossing on the metal handle provides a decent grip and has a little more weight to it than my M3. Has anyone else used a similar setup?

    I've also seen the Trac-II cartridges, and some of them say they're also compatible with Atra handles. Can anyone confirm this?
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  2. Man up and check your bag lol. I kid, that was my first shaving instrument ever
  3. :lol::lol::lol:

    Sorry, but I'm willing to sacrifice the DE experience if it saves me $25 per way in checked baggage fees. That said, I didn't buy my Merkur travel DE for nothin', and I'll be leaving the Atra at home if I have to check a bag.
  4. I use the Atra and Trac II when travelling. Your set up is good and allows you to place it in your carry on luggage. :thumbup1:
  5. If there is a CVS Pharmacy near you it may be worth a trip. CVS is clearancing most of their store brand blades, including those that fit the Atra.

    I've done the same thing for quick overnight trips.
  6. yup def not worth it if you are traveling often! So Merkur makes a travel DE? hmm...
  7. Do you know the reason why CVS is doing this? I heard in another post that there injector blades are going also. I tried emailing CVS and Rite-Aid weeks ago but no confirmation.
  8. Granted the DE is an awesome shave. However, I am not gonna pay extra to have it in checked luggage. I would rather lose a Trac II or Atra handle and blades than my beloved DE Shaver. :001_tongu
  9. The last couple of times I flew, I was able to mail my DE blades ahead, and my next long trip is going to be by car. Still have my old Atra handles, though, and around 20 cartridges, and wouldn't mind taking them on a trip if mail ahead were not an option. They don't work badly at all if you use proper shaving soap.
  10. I have been going with the Metal handled Atra for travel as well. I like it so much if finds its way into the rotation even when I'm at home.
  11. Sure did use this set-up for years. After it got hard to get good quality DE razor blades, I used the Atra for many years. IMO...the best of the cartridge type systems. I too used the Metal handle versions of the Atra. When they first came out the handle was free with the purchase of the blades and there were loads of coupons for free handles and a couple of Cartridges in the Sunday news paper.

    Nice razor that you can actually use ATG, as long as your careful. This razor, IMO, would be a great travel razor. Make good use of the hard to find Atra Metal handle razor when you travel and DE razor blades are a no-no. Cheers.
  12. I tend to disagree with you. You never want to lose the ATRA metal handle. These are rare and if you want to replace the handle with another the price is very high.
  13. The Dollar General carts are compatible with both the Trac II and the Atra handles. They have a little different angle between the cart and handle than plain Atra blades, but it' s very easy to compensate. They give a pretty good shave, and at 6 for $1 they are a good deal. I believe they are made by Dorco in Korea.

    The CVS carts are ok as well; I'm sorry to hear that they may be discontinued.
  14. +1 on the carts at Dollar General. I keep my metal handled Atra in the shower to trim up the back of my neck.

    I've noticed these metal handle ones are starting get a little more expensive on the Bay. I'll definately be holding on to mine!!
  15. Looking on Ebay, the ones you can find are getting pricey!!
  16. I love my Atra. It was my first razor as well. I remember I took mine with me to basic training and AIT. One of my friends needed to use my razor and I loaned him my Atra. Needless to say he was using a M3. He butchered hisself. Cussed me for days. He was wondering how I shaved with it every day and still had skin on my face. I told him I shave very carefully.

    AFEES has a house brand of Atra cartrages. If any body has access to a PX. They are still widely used by service men everywhere.

  17. Should have clarified I have the plastic handled one. I would not want to lose it on purpose. I have the metal one also, and it is good quality.
  18. Thanks to a fellow forum member, I have a metal Atra handle enroute. Can't wait to try it out. My reason for getting it is two-fold. It uses the same carts as my Headblade, and the attractive pricing of the Personna carts is just too good to pass up. A lightweight Atra handle is currently being marketed outside the US and is readily available on the Bay, but I wanted a heavy handle. I quickly found out that they are hard to find and quite expensive when you do find 'em. I got really lucky. :thumbup1:
  19. Yep. It comes with a leather pouch that snaps closed. I have the safety bar version, and they also make an open comb one. The head is basically the same as my 34C. The handle unscrews into two pieces, and one piece nests inside the other to save space in your dopp bag. It really packs tight though; the form factor is just a bit larger than a matchbook!

    It's very light, and as a result of its hollow handle there's no balance to speak of, but it's achieved BBS without trouble.

    But don't take MY word for it (♪♩♩ ba-da-DA!)...
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  20. I can attest to the clearance on injectors. This weekend at CVS I saw some 11-packs of injector blades marked down to $2.50.

    I'll run by CVS after work tonight and grab some Atra carts if they have 'em on sale as mentioned. Of course, I'll have that dilemma of wanting to wait to use 'em until I finish off my Mach 3 stash (about 12-14 left) :001_huh:

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