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  1. Does anyone use the Gillette "365" blades? I see them on the Bay all the time for $8.00 for a 100, and Im curious if they are mild or aggressive? Could someone compare them to the Black or Yellow 7 o'clocks?
  2. I've got some 365's and my opinion of them is quite low. In fact, at the time I ordered the Gillette 7o'clock Yellows, Greens (Indian), and 365s.

    The Yellows reminded me of a Feather but somewhat more forgiving. The Greens from India were middle of the road for me but ended up giving me the best shave. The 365's were by far the worst. They were dull yet they seemed to give me the most nicks. It took me 4 passes to get a decent shave out of a 365.

    Keep in mind this is just my opinion. Everybody has different beard thicknesses and different skin sensitivities. YMMV really rings true in this situation.

    PM me your address and I'll PIF the remainder of my 365's to you.
  3. Hey, that is super Great! PM Sent

    You are now first on the list if I ever have anything to PIF!:thumbup:
  4. Cool! Thanks! :thumbup1:
  5. I agree about the 365's....I had a sample pack thrown in a recent order and found them dull and rough. Not what I've come to expect from Indian-made blades.
  6. I really like the 365s. I find they are sharp, smooth and forgiving. Along with the Gillette Wilkinson Swords, they perform as well as blades that cost several times more.
  7. They are the lowest rung (and cheapest) of the Indian-manufactured Gillette blades.

    I have some, and was surprised by the performance for the price, but then again I paid much less than $8 per 100. For me, about the same as Derbys but they do not agree with my skin.
  8. Same here.

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