Gillette 1932 tech Razor, does it shave?

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  1. Man what a crappy razor. I usually like the handles on them and swap them out. But today I tried the razor with the original head and handle. I put a new blade in and this thing barely shaves. I think it's even milder than the 1950s Super Speeds. It basically left a lot of stubble shaved maybe the top 1/3 of my whiskers, didn't give me a good shave at all. Even with multiple passes, this razor was a piece of crap. I'm even surprised they sold back in the day. I had to clean up with my Merkur HD. This is the razor I tried to shave with below:

  2. My experience with these types of lighter weight razors has always been good. I have to spend a little more time touching up under the chin, j-hookng and ATG. Overall I find that they perform better if you skip a day. I'll normally use an open comb or something heavier, Fatboy, 38 C, HD Rocket etc. I've been getting much better results over the years using heavier razors.
  3. First make sure it's truly a NEW type razor - some of the older styles were meant to take thicker blades and need to be shimmed up, and they don't work well with modern blades. I think the changeover in styles happened right around the early 30s.

    I share your experience, though. Many members here have a good experience with the NEW razors, but I find my models don't shave close enough to be effective for me. I haven't tried loading a Feather in mine, though. I love the idea of the open comb and the simplicity of the razor, but it takes a few passes more to achieve the same result as later razors. I suppose it's a situation of YMMV.

    I'm just lucky we live in an age where we can sample the best razors of the 20s through the 70s...imagine if you lived in the 30s and the NEW was all you had...then again, without knowledge of any alternatives, we probably wouldn't have noticed.
  4. Although I agree with comments that the tech doesn't give the world's closest shave, I certainly don't consider it crappy. I shave daily with a 1969 Tech and find that I can shave my coarse beard rather well. Of course, things must be just right. My lather must be the right consistency, blade angle just right, and pressure (or lack of it) on the razor must be correct. Like bonzo60, a pass WTG doesn't shave me closely. By relathering and making additional passes, I do get a close shave.

    If we consider the times when these older razors were new, we can appreciate them more. Back in those days, many working men didn't shave daily. When you did shave, your beard began to show up again in the late afternoon, hence the term "5 o'clock shadow". If your profession or a special occasion called for a close shave, you visited your barber. Safety razors, as DE razors were called, kept the blade slightly off the skin, reducing the risk of cuts, but not shaving as closely as a straight razor.

    These days, we expect more from our shaves. As we know, different razors have different shaving characteristics. What works well for one may not work well for another. I'm sure I'll be trying different razors in the future, myself, to see what I prefer.

    All that said, I don't consider the Tech crappy.

    Just my 2ยข.

  5. castlecraver

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    Strange. I've got a very similar (ugly) Tech model that beats all my others hands-down. YMMV, I guess.
  6. Suzuki

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    I have the same Tech - its too mild for me, but they're good razors and get lots of good reviews.

    Its really a YMMV type of thing.

    Lots of folks like the Tech/Feather combo.
  7. BTW, when I shaved with it, I had about 4 days beard growth, so it had lots of whiskers to grab onto. But it just didn't cut it, and I'm not too patient to have my beard prep just perfect, like somebody mentioned, right lather, right blade, perfect blade angle/technique etc... I don't have to prep as much with other razors and they seem to work well, but if the beard prep and others factors are so important to get a good shave from this razor, it's not worth it. I can shave with my 1940's SS and get great shaves with basic or little beard prep. I basically but shaving oil on, let it sit a minute or two, apply shaving soap with a hot/wet brush, shave, end of story. But just seems that 1932 tech is way more fussy to bother with.
  8. I've got one and love it so much that I've got another one on the way. I honestly have had my closest, irritation free shaves with this razor. I can put any blade in it and shave away with no fear. Obviously YMMV.
  9. The only thing I like about the razor is the handle, looks good, good grip, handle doesn't crack, will fit on any other razor head.
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    Before you completely rule out this razor give it a try with a really sharp blade like a Swedish Gillette or a Feather. A lot of folks like the combination of a mild razor like the Tech with a ninja-sharp blade like the Feather.
  11. jss


    Someone gave me one of these when I purchased a mint '54 SS. I used it once with an Israeli Personna and was disappointed. I don't have a heavy beard but it was 5 O'clock shadow that day. With every other razor I always get a full 24 hours per shave if not 48; Not even close so far. But before I relegate the Tech to travel duty I'll see if a feather can be out the aggression in it.

  12. I might try a shim in it to open up the blade gap, see what happens.
  13. jss


    How do you accomplish the shimming?

  14. I find the combination of a Tech and Swedish Gillette a winner. The Tech is wonderfully forgiving even with the sharp Swede. I just have to pay attention to the angle a bit more and I get a fine shave.

    This is a fine example of YMMV
  15. If you're not happy with your crappy razor, you should immediately send it to me for safe disposal. We can't have razors like that running around, causing bad shaves for people. Really. I'd be happy to take care of it for you. :biggrin:

    Of course, the same offer goes to jss! :biggrin:

  16. Funny.
  17. I shaved with a chrome Tech yesterday, it was my first time with a fat handle Tech. Well I LOVE the handle, the grip is superb. The shave, well it did get the hair off of my face. Not comfortably or smoothly, but it worked.
  18. I have a gold tech (same model, just gold plated instead of chrome) and I have shaved with it and in my opinion it's a good shaver, just like the English Tech I have. It's a mild razor, but I got a BBS shave and no nicks and no irritation. I guess it's a caste of YMMV? I used my go-to blade in it, a no-name IP.

  19. I like this razor alot. I have 2 of them. When I saw one at a antique shop for $12 I grabbed it. Yes it's gentle but for me does a great job. Can't wait until it is next in line.
  20. This is a thick handled Tech so it was introduced in 1939. As far as I know, there were no Techs in 1932. I have one and I think I'll try it out for the first time with a Feather or Swedish Gillette. Thanks for the suggestion.

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