Giant Eagle (grocry store chain)

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  1. I have no other confirmation, nor have I seen this change happen at other Giant Eagle's (yet??).

    The Giant Eagle grocery store in Brunswick, OH (south of Cleveland, northwest of Akron) now carries the following:

    Art of Shaving (1 Pure Badger Brush, shaving creams, shaving soap (unscented only), aftershave balms, pre shave oils, etc.)
    Anthony Logistics (Shave creams, soaps, etc.)

    and a couple other things...I was pretty impressed at the selection honestly.

    I will add it to the Wiki.
  2. Gosh, hadn't realized Giant Eagle was to be found anywhere other than in Pittsburgh. I'd be very surprised if my local branch stocked anything like what you describe, but I'll keep my eyes open.
  3. Interesting... I need to buy a card anyway...a little look couldn't hurt...
  4. Nope none here.
  5. Cool Nathan, I'll have to check the ones around here.

  6. In the area on business, thanks for the heads up!
  7. I need to check if we have any in PA. Would love to be able to grab some at the grocery store
  8. There is one about 45 minutes from me near Columbus. I'll have to look. It is a new big store too.
  9. there is one in german village (south of downtown columbus)
  10. Hmmm I think I will need to take a trip to that one. Do anyone of the ones in the Akron area carry this stuff?
  11. the giant eagle in clintonville (north columbus) has every man jack products, but not much else of worth.
  12. The Giant Eagle in Bainbridge, Ohio has the same AOS and Anthony products, Bullfrog, Lab Series and other higher end products... The store was recently remodeled. My guess is that they carry the higher end stuff in the larger, remodeled stores. It's pricey though. Anthony hair gel is good but haven't tried anything else from them.
  13. The Giant Eagle in North Olmsted, Ohio now carries Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in a number of different scents, plus unscented.

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