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  1. Is there anyone out there who likes it? I tried my sample and promptly tossed it. I think it smells repulsive. Does anyone not mind the smell?
  2. I think it smells ok; rosey.
  3. Not mind it?? I love it. How can roses smell repulsive? Retrieve your sample from the garbage and send it to me immediately :biggrin:
  4. Maybe we're thinking of a different one. Mine just said coral on it and smelled like the material that they make Halloween masks out of.
  5. The Coral Skin Food I've got smells pretty much like roses. I've never smelt a haloween mask though :001_smile
  6. Crap, you beat me to it.

    GFT coral is a very nice smell, I love it. However, I can get it much cheaper at wal-mart in a container that says "Corn Huskers Lotion."
  7. I don't think we can get Corn Huskers Lotion in the UK, does that smell of roses too?
  8. Personally I love the stuff along with the fact that it works quite well for me. It does smell like roses but I have to admit that I like the smell so much that I've taken to putting Rose Absolute into Nivea unscented to create my own Rose ASB (credit for the idea goes to members of this forum).
  9. I don't really care for the smell. I like the Sandalwood and Limes much better.
  10. It smells repulsive to me also.
  11. I threw out my sample too. The Sandalwood Skin Food is great (I ordered a larger bottle based on my sample). The Lime Skin Food was OK, but the scent was too subtle for me.

    I don't think rose scented stuff is for me - too "old lady" for me. My subjective opinion.
  12. Really? I thought it was WAY too strong.
  13. I rate the GFT Skin Food in this order:

    1.) Sandalwood
    2.) Limes
    3.) Coral

    I like them all and the rank (IMHO) between 1st and 2nd is slim but 2nd to 3rd is a little more pronounced.
  14. I was turned away by the Coral. Limes it is <edit> but keep Sandalwood in a travel kit and like that too.
  15. The sandalwood is nice, but like GFT's cologne, the sandalwood isn't very woodsy. It's more sweet, but I guess most English colognes are like that.
  16. Luc

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    I am using the sample right now. No halloween mask smell... I think the stuff is great and work well. Sandalwood is their best skin food I think. I like the fact it doesn't smell like wood, it's sweet and nice.
  17. I love the Coral. Even if it does smell slightly to flowery , i use it becuase it works a treat for me.

    Besides i always use a splash as well .. so the smell isnt an issue.
  18. I concur with the original post.
    I don't like GFT Coral Skin Food at all.
    Unfortunately, I didn't find this out until I had already purchased a retail bottle of it, which now shares a space under the sink with all my other shaving products that didn't make the cut.
  19. I like it but not nearly as much as the Sandalwood...but to be honest I'll take Proraso pre-post over any of 'em! :tongue:
  20. +1

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